Ahmadinejad is principlists’ final candidate: seminary member

TEHRAN, May. 2 (MNA) – A member of the Qom Seminary Teachers Society presiding board, Mahmoud Reza Jamshidi, emphasized on Saturday that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the principlists’ final candidate in the June presidential election.

“Considering the efforts Ahmadinejad has made during the last years and his characteristics… he is the final candidate of the principlist movement in the tenth presidential election,” he told the Fars News Agency. Jamshidi added the seminary’s stance will be formally announced in the near future.


Khatami’s return possible


Nader Kavousi of the Solidarity Party stated on Saturday that former president Mohammad Khatami may enter the election scene again.


“At the time of registrations and confirming qualifications, every one may be present… and the possibility that Khatami announces his candidacy (still) exists,” he told the FNA.


In a statement issued on March 16, Khatami officially withdrew candidacy in favor of former prime minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi. Mousavi also issued a statement vowing to continue Khatami’s reform plans.


Kavousi also pointed out that the reformist candidates should unite in the election if they want victory.


Karroubi: People must turn out massively to determine their fate


Presidential hopeful Mahdi Karrobui urged the people to take part massively in the election to determine their own fate.


“People should determine their own fate in the election, and if they see the current conditions as unfavorable, the solution is their participation in the polling stations,” he said, according to ISNA.


Karroubi added, “If the people do not participate, the conditions will be much worse.”


Ahmadinejad to secure outright win on June 12


 Mohammad Kazam Anabar-Lui of the Islamic Coalition Party has stated that Ahmadinejad will win the election on June 12 and that the election will not go to a second round.


“According to the latest opinion polls, Ahmadinejad will win the votes in the first round,” he said, the public relations office of the ICP reported.


“The polls show that Ahmadinejad’s votes mostly come from the lower and middle classes of the society…and this shows that the administration’s success in serving the underprivileged.”


 Reformist cleric: Mousavi firm in religious leadership


Expediency Council member Majid Ansari emphasized on Saturday that Mousavi firmly believes in the religious leadership.


“Mousavi has explicitly stated that the religious leadership is one of the strong points of the nation,” he said, ISNA reported.


Ansari added regarding the current conditions, Mousavi has felt a “religious obligation” to nominate.


Some principlists back Mousavi: statement


A number of principlist groupings has released a statement voicing their support for Mousavi in the upcoming election.


The statement emphasizes that due to the inefficiencies of the present administration, these groupings have decided not to back Ahmadinejad.


It also adds Mousavi’s line of thought is in keeping with the aims of principlists.






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