TEHRAN, May 2 (MNA) – Hafez Nazeri, the son of vocalist Shahram Nazeri, is to accompany his dad with his new instrument “Hafez” at the Paris concert.


In a press conference held on Thursday, father and son as well as conductor Loris Tjeknavorian attended. Hafez (Nazeri) gave some details about the new instrument.


“During the time I was in the United States giving solo performances with the setar, I discovered that this instrument needed changes in its pitch and bass range.


“I felt the necessity for changes due to imnovations that have occurred in playing techniques over the years. It was in 2002 I developed two modified designs for setar and patented them in the U.S,” he said.


Hafez noted that he actually did not intend to design a new instrument, since Iranian music does not require it, adding, “The only change in this new setar is that it has a flatter handle and two additional strings which allow the addition of 10 new notes to its range.


On choosing the name Hafez, he said, “It was not just because my first name is Hafez. The major thing is that the word hafez means to preserve (oral heritage and music) and on the other hand it bears the great name of the Persian poet Hafez.


“I am not a musical instrument maker but rather,I am a musician who is interested in the beauty of the music. When I drew up the design, I showed it to the brothers Majid and Saeid Safari who built over 15 instruments and we finally settled on this design,” he explained.


Shahram Nazeri was next to talk and said, “Despite some who disagree with any change in traditional music, I agree with new experiments. Perhaps others feel that traditional music is a divine entity bestowed upon us and hence, there should be no changes made to it. I respect their ideas, but there are other dynamic individuals who want to experience new ideas, using their creativity.


“I myself always made changes in singing. I believe the destination is not important, what is important is the route one takes. Maybe it will turn out to be a winner, maybe it won’t. On the whole, experiencing the innovative is a good omen,” he mentioned.


Tjeknavorian continued and said that he agrees with Shahram Nazeri, saying, “I never liked to stick with old traditions for their own sake. On the whole, when you wake up every morning, you should learn something from old tradition and then find a creative, new way to apply it.”


On the characteristics of the new instrument, he said, “I am so happy to get to know Hafez (Nazeri). We also both recently recorded one song in London which was a wonderful experience.


“I congratulate Hafez for his work. The instrument has a beautiful sound and I hope I can write a concerto for this special instrument. The sound I heard from this instrument was what I recall hearing from the setar of master Ahmad Ebadi. This sound should not change and should remain as it is,” he commented.


Shahram Nazeri later talked about his concert in Paris and said, “Hafez and I are holding a concert at the Salle Pleyel hall in Paris on May 16 and will be accompanied by Azerbaijan’s great singer Alim Qasimov and his daughter Fargana. This is the first time two singers from the East are giving performances together.”








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