Majlis Research Center to review economic reform plan

TEHRAN, July 26 (MNA) – MP Ahmad Tavakoli here on Saturday stated that the Majlis Research Center will review the economic reform plan with experts.

The economic reform plan is geared toward freeing up prices and giving subsidies directly to the citizens. The government has not yet revealed the details of the plan.


“The government has submitted no written document on the economic reform plan yet and the research center has not received any either. But we did not wait and asked the (government’s related) experts to attend a meeting in the research center and present the plan,” Tavakoli said at his first press conference after being elected as the head of Majlis Research Center.


In response to a question on how much the representatives welcome the reports by the center, he added, “It is not expected that whatever the advisor says the advised should accept.”


He said the research center is an advisory body whose expert views “may not be accepted by the decision-makers.


However, he said the center’s reports have been welcomed so far.     


He went on to say that the center acts quite independently in preparing reports so “its reports may be to or against some politicians’ will.”


“The identity of the research center as a thought room is for it to give expert opinion not opinion based on somebody’s likes and dislikes,” Tavakoli explained.


Asked about his appraisal of the provision 13, he replied, “The last review of the implementation of the provision 13 by the center dates back to 1386 (2007) and there has been no new work (on this) ever since.”        


The provision 13 is tasked to manage an efficient use of energy products, especially gasoline.


On the real inflation rate, he pointed out that one of the major factors is the “perception of inflation” and the media and politicians play a key role in creating “psychological inflation”.


Elsewhere in his remarks, Tavakoli emphasized that the center will boost its cooperation with the government, parliament committees and the private sector.


“The research center’s decisions in the eighth parliament should be improved over those of the seventh parliament and this is a great accomplishment we aim for,” he said.







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