Shams to perform “Under the Sun of the Persian Gulf”

TEHRAN, July 23 (MNA) -- The Shams band will give a series of concerts entitled “Under the Sun of the Persian Gulf” from August 13 to 17 at the Sadabad Palace.

In a press conference held here on Tuesday, conductor Keikhosro Purnazeri gave details about the concert.


The band aims to achieve a new combination in Iranian music and accompaniment by other nations’ musical instruments in its performances, he told.


He went on to say that musicians from Armenia, the Netherlands, India, France, Iraq, England and Turkey would accompany the band in the concerts.


The concerts to be held this year will have a special national interest. The concerts are named “On the Sun of the Persian Gulf” in order to reflect the Iranian artists protest against the distortion of the name of the Persian Gulf in some international circles, he mentioned.


Speaking at the ceremony the kamancheh virtuoso, Tahmures Purnazeri said that Dervishes from Konya would also be performing the ritual Sama dance during the concert.


Performances of Sama, the Sufi practice of gathering to listen to the singing of religious poetry often accompanied by ecstatic dance or other rituals, is a part of Persian culture, he mentioned.


Sponsored by the House of Music, the concerts will be held in two sections. Poems by Rumi will perform in the first part and the second part will spotlight poems on the theme of Iranian nationality composed by contemporary and classic poets, he said.


The Iranian harp will also be played during the Shams performances. A Focus on percussion instruments along with colorful decorations will distinguish the concerts from other performances, he claimed.


Vocalist Sohrab Purnazeri said that he accompanied vocalist Hamidreza Nurbakhsh in the bands’ previous performances but he will experience his first independent performance during August concerts.


Hamidreza Taqavi on santur, Neda Khaki on tanbur, Kaveh Geraili on tanbur and setar, Sahar Afshan on tanbur and Mesbah Qamari on percussion will accompany the band.


The choral group Najmeh Tajaddod and Neda Khaki will also accompany the band.


The Iranian band Shams gave a series of concerts, combining their music with Sama performances by dervishes from Konya, at the Sadabad Palace in August 2007 that were enthusiastically received by the audiences.





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