TEHRAN, July 22 (MNA) -- British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s flattering speech to the Israeli parliament on Monday was a follow-up of his predecessor’s foreign policy, which was based on deception.

He said Britain is determined to prevent Iran from developing nuclear arms.


“Our country will continue to lead, with the U.S. and our European partners in our determination to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapons program,” BBC quoted Brown as telling the Knesset.


But where is Mr. Brown’s evidence that backs up his accusation that Iran is producing nuclear weapons?


Brown should not lie about Iran’s nuclear program to butter up hardliners in the Knesset, like his predecessor Tony Blair did with his allegations that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.


It seems that Mr. Brown is daydreaming, lost in the 19th and early 20th centuries when British colonialism was at its height. He has forgotten that he is speaking at a time when everything, including Iran’s nuclear program, cannot be hidden from public view.


In fact, it is the Brown government that is trying to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons. Its ally -- Israel -- has also refused to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has stockpiled nuclear warheads.


On the other hand, Iran is conducting its nuclear program under the full supervision of the UN nuclear watchdog and has even allowed the media to make videos of its nuclear facilities and report on its nuclear program.


Addressing the Israeli parliament, Brown also vowed to stand by Israel in its “fight for liberty”.


If in Brown’s view “liberty” means occupying other nations’ lands and creating a hell on earth for their indigenous people, then Brown should be rewarded for such a “noble idea”. 


Moreover, deliberately alluding to a wrong translation of a statement by the Iranian president that quoted him as saying that Israel should “be wiped off the map” -- he actually said Israel would “disappear from the page of time” -- does not convince people grounded in reality because no nation can be wiped off the earth just as Israel has not been able to wipe out the Palestinians after decades of slaughters and suppression. 


Brown added, “The people of Israel have a right to live freely and to live in security.”


There is no doubt that every nation has the right to live in peace, but the blind support for Tel Aviv provided by Brown and his ilk will just embolden Israeli leaders to continue their occupation policy, which will never provide  security for Israeli citizens.


(July 22 Tehran Times Opinion Column)





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