Iranians disagree with surrendering to a bullying power: A Professor

TEHRAN, July 22 (MNA) – "The history of Iranian people and philosophy of Shism show that No Iranian government would survive by unilateral surrendering to a bullying power" a Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville wrote in An Open letter to Senator Barak Obama.

Hereinafter the text of Javid Abdol S. Soofi's letter:

This policy of intimidation is an old wine in a new bottle! Senator Obama presents this old Bush-McCain policy in a new package to the nation and world. The only difference between this stated goal of Obama with what Bush had aimed to achieve over the last 7.5  years is that the good Senator would personally deliver the ultimatum to Iranian government’s officials: Surrender to American-Israeli demands, implement the dictates of Israeli lobby in Washington or else!. We will bomb you, we would strangle you economically, we would isolate you diplomatically unless you comply with our wishes. These ultimatums are reminiscent of Hilter’s demands of weaker nations in years immediately before the start of World War II. 
It would not take a genius to imagine the response of the Iranian leaders to such an ultimatum, even though it is delivered by the President of the United States personally and directly. No Iranian government would survive by unilateral surrendering to a bullying power. If Senator Obama or his Zionist backers for a moment believe that Iranians would give in to such insulting, degrading demands they are for a big, disappointing surprise. The history of Iranian people and philosophy of Shiism show otherwise, and tell a different story: Never surrender, even to an overwhelming force.

Senator Obama has not formulated a correct policy, and the language of intimidation and force is not becoming of a progressive political figure. Taking a word, “rogue nation”, from the lexicon of American neo-fascists does not fit the image of an enlightened leader the good senator is painted of himself. President Obama’s Administration needs to address the root cause of Iranian policies; a set of policies that he believes contradicts the vital national security interests of the United States. Effectively dealing with the root causes of Iranian “misbehavior” would eliminate the need for President Obama’s ultimatums. Let us explore the root causes of these “objectionable” Iranian policies and behaviors.

Wouldn’t Iranian policy of wishing to develop nuclear weapons-- assuming existence of such policy-- be rational form Iranian point of view, given nuclear-armed America, and Israel who on a daily basis threaten military attacks on that nation? It is too difficult to reason and conclude that Iranian government’s hostility to American interests maybe a direct response to American government’s funded- openly-declared -policy of “regime change” in Iran?

When Senator Obama mentions the issue of Iranian support of “terrorism”, presumably, he is referring to Iranian support of Palestinians struggle for survival as a people. Why is it that Senator Obama and his progressive American supporters are so silent about systematic, Nazi-like destruction of an entire people by aggressive, right-wing, albeit Jewish state but fault the only government in the world that supports Palestinian struggles for what every other people and nation take for granted: A state which can provide its citizen with basic human needs, security, and dignity? The Israeli’s policy of physical isolation of Palestinians by construction of walls and its systematic attempts to starve over a million people in Gaza, appears to have come directly from Nazis’ manual for treatment of Jews in Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. How ironic, and sad!

Senator Obama is misguided to think that his face-to-face ultimatum to Iranians would eliminate the social injustice and disparity in international power structure in the Middle East. Iranian foreign policy, to a large extent, is based on principle of justice, and so long as the social and economic injustices, with all disparity they generate in that troubled part of the world exist, it is safe to assume that Iranian government would pursue its current foreign policy. Given such a scenario, America has one of the following two options: Open a new “front” ,as a U.S. general recently mentioned, or try to address the root causes of Iranian “misbehavior”.

America is at a cross roads and has a choice to make in its foreign –domestic policy continuum. Based on the speech, Senators Obama, in spite of his rhetoric, is not given the nation a clear alternative: He is simply following the same old path even though he sings a different tune.  We all know that America does not have the option of following Bush Administration’s policy of borrowing funds to destroy other nations any longer. The American economic reality does not permit simultaneous prosperity and high standard of living at home and major military adventures and imperial onslaughts abroad. 

It is high times to adopt those foreign policies that aim at protecting American national interests and not be enslaved to the political agenda of an aggressive, right-wing clique who rules Palestine.

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