To God be the Glory

Hey! Open the window,

See life’s a wow.


With a breath of air,

Look at the view on offer.


How green is the wheat field, 

How lovely the countryside, indeed,

Full of beautiful wild flowers,

Violets, tulip trees, the bowers!


Alfalfa flowers are nice,

The iris as well as azaleas!


Touching their leaves,

Feel in depth their beauties.   


See what did He do, the Lord?

Created a colorful world.


We should leave it, though,

It’s exquisite, somehow!


No role played by the color black,

Nature for beauties has no lack!


Even night’s not black, aye!

It’s not a slogan, hey!     


On my cognition,

Of Lord’s compassion,

No infidelity,

No disloyalty,

Can be seen there,

Not at all,

To us, the creatures,

In total!  


All in full color,

Springlike is the weather,

Overhead stars twinkling,

Rain is lightly drizzling. 


All recall His Mercy,

To God be the glory.


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