In love with the One to the core

I asked God: Oh my God! There were some times when I was keen on your shoulder to cry on; my head was painful, full of yesterday’s troubles and tomorrow’s concerns, I was to weep bitterly and whisper to you. I was in need of your shoulder, where were you, my Shelter?


God said:

Dearest one, my dear!

You have cried on my shoulder,

I was on hand always there,

You leaned on me ever end ever,

At the time of your loneliness,

In your life’s every minute, nevertheless.


You didn’t come up to me, did you?

But I came down to earth, beside you.


Like a lover;

That’s wherever,

Stares at his beloved dearly,

I was gazing at you ardently,

I’ve been thinking of you,

I’ve been in touch with you,

Since time immemorial,          

It was all in all.


I asked: Then,

Why were you satisfied with my loneliness,

I wept bitterly for, it wasn’t fabulous?


He said:

Dearest one, my dear,

Bear in mind that tear,

Is the only drop,

Ascending to sky, to the top,

Before streaming down your face,

There is a strong case!


To me your tear reached out,

On your rusty soul I drop it,

To make it brilliant,

To make you the sky’s inhabitant, 

To be glad forever,

Not to feel sad, never. 


I said:

If you’re right, aye,

Why did you lay,

Such a huge stone on my way?


He said:

I repeatedly called you,

Strongly advised you,

“This is not the right way!”   

“You’re going in the wrong way!”

The stone was my cry of alarm,

To no one I mean harm!


I asked then:

Why did you cause me, in the main,

So much grief and pain?  


He said:

I caused that to thou,

Even shelter to you,

To call me, know?

Nothing was heard, though!     


Repeatedly sent you flowers, 

No word was heard, nonetheless,

I was keen on hearing your voice,

I gave you a wide choice,

You didn’t call me, thence,

I caused you trouble, hence,

You call me, in tense,

Not once, but tens!


I asked:

So, if you are right, all in all,

Why didn’t you answer my first call? 


He said:

When you called me for the first,

I was surprised, eager to hear the next!    


I was eager to the core,

You call me the more!


I loved your call,

It was not the fall! 


Then I said:

I love you my good ‘un,

The most gracious one.   


God said:

Oh, my dearest! Be sure,

I love you too much more! 


(Translated by Samaneh Nazerian)

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