Iran Health Agency offers rhinoplasty, hair transplant with best possible results, lowest possible cost

TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) – Rhinoplasty in Iran brings you the best possible results for the lowest possible costs, from a country known as the nose job capital of the world.

Rhinoplasty in Iran brings you the best possible results for the lowest possible costs, from a country known as the nose job capital of the world.

Why Iran for nose job?

  • Board certified plastic or ENT surgeons
  • Internationally standardized hospital and clinics,
  • Most updated techniques
  • Reasonable price
  • Safe and secured condition
  • Kind and hospitable people
  • Deep culture
  • Abundance of tourist attractions
  • Pleasant climate

How is the procedure of Rhinoplasty in Iran?

You must stay at least 8 days in Iran.

First step is consultation and actually discussion with your surgeon. After clarification of your desired result and expectation the whole surgery generally takes 1-1/5 hours and as finalization, adjust a splint to support the nose and cartilage in the new location.

Rhinoplasty is located in an outpatient category, it means no hospitalization is required.

After 7 days and last check up, surgeon replace the splint with the bandage and teach how to self-bandage the nose correctly.

Throughout these seven days our agency accompanies you offering the 24-hour on-call assistance.

Another popular cosmetic procedure is Hair transplant in Iran:

Hair transplant in Iran, unique method for each case, permanent result and the most volume of density only in one session.

How long should I stay in Iran for hair transplantation?

Normally hair transplantation in Iran as a simple and safe procedure requires 3 days in the country.

Day 1:  Visiting doctor & medical consultation, Pre-op test, medical photography

Day2: reviewing final expectation, explanation of possible result, performing surgery, bandage in necessary cases, teaching the necessary post-op cares

Day3: final checkup and finish but starting the follow-up by the agency through communication channels.

What are the available methods of hair transplant in Iran?

Such as any developed country and thanks to plenty of board –certified surgeons all effective methods of hair transplantation are performed in Iran.

Different types of hair transplant in Iran are:

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) is performed under local anesthesia, a narrow strip of 2 cm wide and 25 cm long is extracted from the back side of head and then the skin is stretched and sutured by the transplantation team.

SUT: The SUT procedure no longer requires surgical razor, anesthesia, scar, and no complications; however, with fully automated machines under the supervision of qualified specialists 14,000 real hair can be transplanted. , Which is 3 times that of the old methods.

FIT: In this method, hair follicles are harvested in groups and from the back of patient’s head    With manual holders, this procedure does not require surgery but a large number of hair follicles cannot be transferred to the head in one session.

FUE: In FUE, hair removal is done with fully automatic devices; and without surgery, anesthesia and bleeding, it is done in the least time possible and in a safe condition.

BHT: body hair transplant is the FUE technique but follicles are taken from different part of body having tick hair.

Iran Health Agency is a reliable platform for hair transplant and Rhinoplasty in Iran:

IRAN HEALTH AGENCY is medical tourism facilitator in Iran founded by professional surgeons and doctors and also travel agents to perfectly provide the health tourist with their requirements in Iran.

What Iran health agency offers are:

  • Easy online consultation through different communication channels.
  • Clear quote and no hidden expense in an official invoice
  • Connection you with the best and board certified surgeons in different fields
  • Having contract with the world-class hospital and clinics.
  • The most reasonable price
  • Official contract
  • Guaranteeing the result and free revision for any potential problem caused by our team.
  • Supporting different languages by experienced interpreter in medical fields
  • Providing tourist with T-visa
  • Accommodation with the reasonable price
  • Private vehicle
  • Local sim card
  • Airport CIP for minimizing the potential risks.
  • 24 on-call assistance
  • Permanent follow-up till the end of recovery duration
  • Insurance


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