Leader calls for advisory comments on 'Islamic-Iranian model of progress'

TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Following the preparation of a document on 'Islamic-Iranian model of progress', Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei called on all institutes, scientific centers, elites, and scholars to examine in depth the various dimensions of the document and to present advisory opinions.

Islamic-Iranian model of progress was first raised in 2010 by Ayatollah Khamenei, when he urged for applying all existing capacities in the country in developing the model.

Accordign to Ayatollah Khamenei, such a model would deal with the four realms of intellect, science, lifestyle and spirituality and shall serve as an upper hand document for any future visions or planning.

To develop an Islamic-Iranian Blueprint for Progress, in which the most important principles and ideals of progress and desired horizons for the next 5 decades are planned and effective strategies for realizing it are designed, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, called the organizations, academic centers, elites and intellectual leaders to deeply review various aspects of the prepared document and propose their opinions in order to complete and promote the supervising document.

He also ordered the Center on Islamic-Iranian Blueprint for Progress to consult with the references mentioned in the serving, carefully considering and using the complementary recommendations, and to offer the promoted version of the Islamic-Iranian Blueprint for Progress by the next two years for being enforced and implemented, so that since the beginning of the 15th century (the Iranian calendar) this blueprint starts at a satisfactory pace and the country’s affairs are based on it.

The full text of the serving by the leader of the Islamic Revolution is as the following:

In the Name of God, The Beneficent, The Merciful

I thank God Almighty for, with his guidance and assistance, the organized efforts of a few thousands of experts, university and seminary professors, and young academic elites to design the Iranian-Islamic Pattern for Progress has yielded results after seven years of and in the fortieth year after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. This blueprint has laid the main foundations and ideals of progress and has drafted the ideal horizon of the country for the five decades to come. Moreover, it has designed effective guidelines to realize the desirable horizon. This is a major and difficult, but plausible and sweet task, and when realized, the country will follow the path of progress, and the auspicious advent of the new Islamic-Iranian civilization will take place in the land of Iran, God willing.

Now, appreciating the intellectuals, teachers, and scholars, who took up the design of this important document, and conducted the management of its outlining, it is hereby demanded that:

1. The Expediency Discernment Council consider the attached document as the upper hand framework of the general policies and offer complementary proposals to assure its sufficiency for the mentioned position; and then, after issuing the final version of the Islamic-Iranian Blueprint for Progress. The Expediency Discernment Council should review the general policies of the establishment to verify they correspond to the blueprint.

2. The Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) review the present document through a national perspective and propose required strategies for promoting it as the upper hand document for outlining the policies of the country as well as arrange the requires provisions for developing and enforcing the proposals and acts within the framework of the final version.

3- The government, disregarding temporary considerations, study this document’s feasibility and impact, and propose enhancements to it. Government's managerial and expert backup in the capital and provinces shall be employed.

4- The High Council for National Safety, the High Council for Cultural Revolution, and the High Council of Cyberspace study and propose suggestions regarding the current version of the Pattern in their respective field of responsibilities.

5- Universities, seminaries, and scholars conduct a profound study of the document and collaborate—more than ever—in outlining the goals and the path to the progress of the country by proposing concrete suggestions to improve the blueprint.

6- The Center for Islamic-Iranian Pattern for Progress consult the concerned parties to prepare the timetable to study the current version of the pattern, receive and precisely study complementary ideas and suggestions, and utilize them. God willing, the improved version of the Islamic-Iranian progress model must be presented in two years maximum for ratification and serving.

7- Subsequently, schedules will be delineated for all organizations in the country to prepare and for the people to generally help implement the model, so that—from the beginning of the 15th century on the Persian Solar Calendar—the implementation of the Islamic-Iranian Pattern of Progress commences with adequate groundwork and at the desired pace, with the country's affairs beginning to pivot on the pattern.

8. The IRIB and official information and media organizations broadcast and publish the news of the mentioned activities. However, evaluating and promoting the present version of the blueprint is to be focused within the aforementioned organizations, so as to prevent this important task from being affected by everyday controversies.

Progress demands anticipated improvement of the individuals, and social values and mechanisms; hence, this is a gradual and long-lasting phenomenon that depends on faith, determination, and efforts at the national level as well as public patience and perseverance. It requires, most importantly, Divine blessings that assist this nation with the continuation of the Revolution through His heavenly power.

Sayyed Ali Khamenei

October 14, 2018


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