Rouhani in Qazvin:

Country run smoothly even with oil prices tumbling

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TEHRAN, Sep. 28 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani is in Qazvin and has addressed the crowed welcoming him on Wednesday.

President Rouhani told the public that his government had run the country smoothly without serious trouble in a condition where oil prices tumbled and budget deficits pressed the cabinet. He called for general unity and coordination in the country should the system seek to walk in the path of progress; “solidarity and fraternity would secure national interests, through which we scored feat of excellence during the nuclear negotiations with the 5+1 single-handedly despite the fact that almost all powers reluctantly admit our access to nuclear technology,” Rouhani told the crowd. “However, opportunities provided the deal (JCPOA) should be exhausted and this we recommend the world to welcome opportunities which gives them access to Iran as untapped consumer markets.”

Rouhani paid tribute to former president Ali Rajaei, as the province’s contribution to national figures of importance, and as an unassuming figure who had taken responsibilities in the most critical of times in the history of the nation and was martyred only after attending to its position and duties thereof. Rouhani also told the crowd that the nation had displayed to the world a real image of itself where the world no longer would see Iran as a nuclear threat to international peace and security; “under the condition that some of wealthiest oil-producing countries have been facing deficits and restrictions with oil prices rocking down historic lows, the cabinet has run the country with relative ease, and we managed to control inflation rate which now is taking a declining trend, surprising many observers; the government also had added billions of dollars to its reserves under difficult conditions,” he asserted.



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