December 7; historic day for Iran

TEHRAN, Dec. 07 (MNA) – Speaking at the ceremony marking National Student Day in Sharif University of Technology President Rouhani deemed December 7 as a historic day for the Iranian nation.

Addressing the ceremony which was held with the massive participation of students, Rouhani noted the significance of the National Student Day deeming it as day of independence and liberation against colonialism and despotism.

“December 7 should not be considered as a single point in time, rather it marks a historic day for students, the university and the great nation of Iran; a few months had passed since the dark coup when 3 hero students stood against gun tubes delineating the right path for us which led to the Islamic Revolution,” he noted.

The president cherished the day as well as its martyrs and martyrs of the Islamic Revolution praising current university students who are vigorously defending the rights of their country.

Rouhani referred to his earlier meeting with university officials where they had discussed the development of science and technology in all universities including Sharif University; “I promise to resolve the posed problems in the coming year,” he emphasized.

He deemed university as the best ground to criticize ‘power’ underlining “if power is not criticized or questioned, deviation and tyranny will appear.”

“All Iranian authorities have the honor to be elected by the Iranian people directly or indirectly,” said Rouhani adding “all officials need to be proud of being accountable to the people and there exist no exception in this regard."

“The incumbent government owes its success and achievements to the support of people, especially the youth and students,” underlined the President stating “I consider all criticism to be sympathetic though some can be softer.”

Rouhani called for moderation in criticism and warned against extremism; “university students have the right to criticize government policies and they need to criticize both science and politics,” he added.

"People rightly criticized the nuclear issue during the 2013 presidential elections and discussed its consequences paving the way for the government to resolve the issue and remove the pressure on the shoulder of the nation," he noted.

He moved on to state that “we need to reach a consensus on all basic concepts including university, social interest, justice, national sovereignty; it’s true that we need to confront enemies and we have to defend our national interests but it does not preclude the fact that we can conduct talks with the world.”

"Indeed, we tested the most important Iranian missile in time with the success of JCPOA,” highlighted Rouhani.

"We have achieved numerous military achievements in the recent years which is a must and being prepared in terms of military power can act as a preventing factor," said Rouhani stressing “however, war should remain as the last resort."

He continued “the primary aim of elections and the competition between different parties is to change indexes leading to improvement and development of the country; the main criteria must be changing of indexes like inflation.”

“We welcome criticism in term of economy; however, deflation rate has significantly decreased while the growth rate has greatly improved since the current government took office,” he noted.

The Iranian President further referred to the need for safe environment at universities rather than security or military atmosphere; “the government has managed to change the atmosphere of universities, economy, health while there exists a long way to go before reaching the desired status.”

“We seek to make universities independent and free entities and we attach high importance to this issue,” said Rouhani adding “If universities are not free, we won’t make scientific improvement.”

He further emphasized that “currenlty, we are in a special condition after JCPOA implementation and we are communicating with the world; we need to equip universities and make bilateral relations with the world’s universities by sharing our achievements and exploit their findings.”

“Universities must contribute to the upcoming parliamentary election as well because they can greatly affect the nature of the next Parliament increasing its power,” President Rouhani concluded.

Several Iranian officials, university professors and students participated the event which commemorates the martyrdom anniversary of three university students killed by Pahlavi regime’s police force.

The students were killed on December 7, 1953, when police opened fire on students protesting resumption of Iran's relations with Britain and Nixon's visit to Iran, following the coup of 1953, which was supported by the American and British governments to topple the country’s elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq.




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