Argentina declares illegal oil activities in Malvinas by UK

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BUNES AIRES, Oct. 07 (MNA) – Argentine government declared yesterday the illegal and clandestine oil activities by the British company Noble Falklands Limited near the Malvinas.

In a resolution published in Argentina's official gazette, the Energy Secretary announced the measure to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the Solicitor's General Office and the Public Prosecutor's Office, so that they conduct the "convenient legal actions".

Telam news agency reminds, that in June the Federal Judge of Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Lilian Herraez, ordered the seizure of USD 156.4 million, boats and other assets belonging to oil companies illegally operating in waters near the Malvinas.

In August 2012, Telam adds, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided information related to companies operating illegally on the continental shelf, next to the Malvinas.

That information was part of the efforts undertaken by the Government in connection with the exercise of national sovereignty on the liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon deposits located in the contested area.

Although its actions were declared illegal in May 2012, the Falkland Oil and Gas company announced a farmout agreement with Noble Energy Falklands Limited, to conduct hydrocarbon related activities in the same area.

Subsequently, in August 2013 the Energy Office barred the Falkland Oil and Gas from operating in that area for 20 years.

The resolution released yesterday adds that Noble Energy Falklands is not registered in the records of the Energy Office, which in October 2014 issued a note regarding this situation through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that was sent to the UK via the Argentine Embassy in London.

The resolution, published in the Official Gazette and signed by Secretary Mariana Matranga, adds, that the lack of response on the firm's behalf led to the enforced sanctions.

Argentina claims sovereignty over the Malvinas, which UK maintains under colonial occupation, as categorized the UN, and refuses to abide any resolution by the UN that calls for dialogue to solve the territorial dispute.




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