Corruption destroying ‘foundations of Revolution’

TEHRAN, Aug. 27 (MNA) – The secretary of Supreme National Security Council has urged strict fighting with the corruption ‘destroying the foundations of the Revolution like termites.’

Ali Shamkhani addressed a conference, ‘National Sovereignty; Harmony and Unanimity of the Government and Nation’ held in Strategic Defense Research Center on Thursday, where he pointed to some critical issues of corruption which he believed had been bane for the Revolution. Shamkhani also expounded on the parameters producing national sovereignty; “different components of sovereignty are security, power, economy, good measures, and consent [of the public] which would translate into concrete crystallization of the sovereignty; our economy, as a component of sovereignty, is providing us with our future, and the debate over its nature, whether Keynesian, Liberalistic, or Socialistic, had long been abandoned for a series of domestic economic rules,” he told the meeting.

“Attacking our economy, they sought to attack our sovereignty, which we should consider a grave threat, and should establish proper organizational and structural arrangements as a national necessity,” he demanded. “We should fight the corruption, which has been destroying the foundations of our Revolution like termites; generating efficiency, optimization of structures and procedures and fighting with unregulated corruption would bring us to the safe grounds,” Shamkhani emphasized.

SNSC also highlighted geography as other important component of sovereignty, without which no sovereignty would be imagined; “structure, which is efficient enough, would bolster the potential sovereignty embedded in geography into immediate realized sovereignty; before the Revolution, our sovereignty was adopted; now, we are an inherent sovereignty which comes from culture, geography, religion, and wise measures, and which has catapulted Iran to the pinnacles of security, independence, and stability in the region,” he continued to say.

“Even those who have no affiliation with the Revolution, now would see the IRGC as genuine institution of producing sovereignty as seen from outside the country; Iranophobia is in the service of evil objectives; now the world would watch the Persian Gulf Arab sheikhdoms to find what has been their contribution in global science and technology, supporting Palestine, and the region at large,” Shamkhani asserted.

“In Yemen, Suadi’s air strikes, which were purported to produce sovereignty for the Saudi Kingdom, backfired, generating ‘antisovereignty,’ to quote Georges Bataille and Jacques Derrida; Saddam found similar fate when its strike on Iran only brought international humiliation for the Baathist regime as the starter of the war, and again, they failed to realize a sort of sovereignty for their regime,” he provided more examples.


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