Leader receives president, cabinet members

TEHRAN, Aug. 26 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic Republic has received President Rouhani and his cabinet on the occasion of the National Week of the Government.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told the cabinet that the naming of the event when former president Mohammad Ali Rajaei and the prime minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar had been martyred in a bombing of the government building in early years of the Revolution (1981) as National Day of the Government sought to keep their memory and their practical as well as intellectual legacy alive.

The Leader also provided the cabinet with some priorities in culture, economy, and technology which would help ‘unfazed resisting against the enemy.’

On government positive record, the Leader cited economy as one of the areas of acceptable performance for the government; “cutting the inflation rate and restoring relative stability to economy is a good sign which should be continued; however, the 2-digit inflations should be reduced to single digit,” he told the cabinet, issuing warnings about the necessary focus, by government officials, upon conspiracies by the enemies; “since the early days of the Revolution, the US and Israeli hostilities have not been subsided toward the Revolution and Iran; this fact should have a permanent imprint on the minds of the authorities; the methods could be new, however, the nature is the same,” he added.

“The motives behind the words and written propaganda by the enemies are quite understandable; no one among the authorities should forget that they are entrenched against our nation and countries, seeking a propitious opportunity for their venom to be injected,” Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized, extending this awareness of the enemies’ ruses to the ordinary citizens as well; “however, the politicians and government officials are in the front lines of the battle, and this makes their duties a little difficult,” he said.

“We should grasp every opportunity to state clearly the principles and positions of the Imam [Khomeini] under conditions whatsoever, unfazed,” he told the meeting, urging keeping solidarity among the different multitudes of people; “to protect the unity, all should wisely eschew from fueling offbeat and futile issues, avoiding any words which would possibly damage the unity,” he demanded.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed reliance on knowledge-based companies and Science and Technology Parks as necessary components of creating jobs; “our university students should find jobs immediately after graduation; producing healthy cultural products and equally protecting the public from pernicious effects of unhealthy cultural goods are critical to save the values and fundamentals of the system,” the leader asserted.

He deemed economy as the most important priority for the country which should be so for the government as well; “progress should be along with justice; Resistance Economy is a product of the collective wisdom, whose implementation requires practicable and coherent plan; government should exploit the capability and knowledge of economists to realize Resistance Economic policy objectives,” he suggested.

Leader demanded the cooperation, if necessary, of the Judiciary and the Parliament to help the Resistance Economic policy; “the economic growth rate of 3 per cent indicates a small decrease in inflation; if the corruption is not seriously fought, even this current incipient growth will be on jeopardy, with inflation coming up in the scale,” he said.

Ayatollah Khamenei called on banks and credit institutions to come to help dissolved economic productive firms who faced the dire consequences of the lack of resources; he urged immediate addressing of the issue of ‘unregulated imports of foreign fruits and vegetables’ as a strong barrier in the way of development in rural economy and small productive firms. “Mining is a crucial sector; oil markets, which sees tumbling prices with indirect role of the some countries in the region, are not to be trusted, and we should consider a better alternative, which is probably mining sector[for generation of income],” he proposed. 


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