Iranian researchers introduce definitive treatment of stuttering

TEHRAN, Aug. 25 (MNA)- Iranian researchers were able to cure stuttering definitively for the first time in the world on the basis of mental simulation and visualization.

This approach is based on a scientific, academic and research approach which came to a definitive result after a decade, Said Dr Mohammad Ehsan Taghizadeh, PhD in psychology and the project manager in an interview with Mehr News Agency.

Pointing to the fact that the approach of definitive treatment of stuttering has performed on the basis of mental simulation and visualization, he said since last year we have used this innovative approach to treat those who have been suffering from the this sickness which resulted in definitive treatment of 50 patients.

He added that this approach applied for the first time in the world and it can be transmitted to the world as the treatments provided by the foreign researchers aren’t infinitive and sometimes reversible.

Taghizadeh further said Surgical procedures, medication treatment, implantation of  smart device in the cochlea as well as prosthesis in the larynx are some of the approaches used in the world for treatment of stuttering none of which will lead to a definitive cure.
He stressed that the approach which has been applied by our researchers will lead to the definitive cure of stuttering since over 30 scientific methods have been used on the basis of mental language.
Applying this approach which is not reversible means that those who are suffering from the illness will be cured definitively, said Taghizadeh stressing that we have reached to the treatment of stuttering using the method of mental stimulation and mental language.
Stuttering is a kind of speech disorder that causes problems in steady and smooth communication with appropriate speed. Stuttering in fact is repetition, stretching or involuntary locking of the word or part of the word that is going to be expressed.

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    • thuto 13:06 - 2015/08/28
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      How can someone verify this story. Is there a website with more information I can visit? If it is true, it would be one of the greatest news ever
    • Jason 17:14 - 2015/08/29
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      Hopefully one day there will be a cure , stuttering holds me back from doing so much like getting a job or even just going out with friends. Please help !!!!!!!!!!
    • mojtaba 10:49 - 2015/09/02
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      Contact Dr Mohammad Ehsan Taghizadeh
    • mojtaba 15:01 - 2015/09/02
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      Email for dr taghizade :
    • Mehrnews 15:08 - 2015/09/02
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      For further information please contact Dr Mohammad Ehsan Taghizadeh via email: website: office: +98 21 88909982
    • moshtak Al-bayati 15:56 - 2015/09/03
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      Hi there is this the email of the doctor that has cured stuttering,
    • Ousman 01:06 - 2015/09/09
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      What academic papers have been written on this alleged cure (if any)? If such papers exist, have they been peer-reviewed by fellow experts in the field? What methodologies were used, the ensuing findings and the explanation of such findings? Also, if such cure did exist, why isn't there more written on it?