Entente with US ‘inherently impossible’

TEHRAN, Aug. 22 (MNA) – The commander of Iran’s Army Ground Forces has said Iran and the US seek diagonally opposed objectives in the region.

Brig. Gen. Ahmadreza Pourdastan who was speaking in a meeting in the Army Ground Force Headquarters on Saturday, said that Iran and the US had relations in three levels of cooperation, conflict, and competition; “in international relations theories, countries have three types of cooperation, conflict, and competition; for example, we have a cooperative relation with Iraq in all fields including economics and politics; however, the nature of our relations with Turkey is quite different,” told Pourdastan to the meeting. “We have signed with Turkey a cooperation agreement in drug fight, border issues, and other cases, while we are competitors in dominating regional market in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in Syria our relations are conflictual,” he added.

“We want to save Assad in Syria, Turkey prefers Assad be toppled; in some cases, our relations with the US is cooperation, such as nuclear deal, athletes exchange; however, in some regional and superregional issues we have a conflictual relation and would not have friendly ties at the same time,” said the commander, “we support the Islamic resistance, the US on the other hand seeks to destroy the axis of resistance; as the Leader of the Islamic Republic had once said, the US in the region seek to create trouble; they changed the ruler in Tunisia and Egypt, keeping always a puppet on the rule; we are issues with Israel, which is the redline for the US,” he detailed.

Pourdastan believed that the US sought to attack Iran when it entered Iraq and Afghanistan, since “once it was their true objective, which failed to materialize only for a power components the Islamic Republic of Iran had at that time, mainly, a wise Leader, devoted nation, and a more dedicated army.”

“Now they are in the region with reshuffled strategy of creating sectarian rift and a war of denominations; they organized ISIL and Al-Nusra Front which are now fighting as US proxies in Iraq and Syria, which is quite a novel development in the region,’ Pourdastan emphasized. “The priority lies in the ground forces in any possible confrontation; when last year, ISIL seized the control of Iraqi al-Anbar province in less than a month, it was direct neighbor to Iranian cities of Qasr Shirin, Mehran, and Ilam,” he concluded.


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