Iran’s anti-dominance spirit source of power

TEHRAN, Aug. 23 (MNA) – Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said here on Sunday that Iran's anti-dominance spirit and self-esteem are its main sources of power.

The Iranian minister made the remarks in Tehran’s Allameh Tabatabaei University during the scientific session of ‘Political Sciences and Nuclear Negotiations’. Congratulating the National Doctors' Day he said: “Science has a unique role in building the future in today’s world. The scientists of international relations hold two vital responsibilities; one studying the realities and other building a future based on peace, progress and coexistence. The tasks should be followed mutually and the scientists should not merely follow the theories of the arrogant powers.”

“The theories failed to anticipate the international ties perfectly and theorists even failed to establish peace and sustainable security. They set up theories which indeed lead to war and we need to change their point of view which, I think, is one of the most significant achievements of the Islamic Revolution; it taught us to think.”, he add.

“The power of thinking is indeed one of our main sources of power in the world. If such an approach is added to politics and international ties we will learn that this science holds the responsibility of building the future and a new approach should be presented.” Zarif noted.

The Iranian minister added that besides studying the future, we should build it as well. In international relations and politics, the future should be considered holding such an approach.

“Following the collapse of the bipolar world a new system has not been replaced yet; a system which is standard and holds a particular framework. Moreover after the collapse of the bipolar world, some powers tried to impose a new universal order which would present new obligations; the new system would perhaps last in several periods and such an erroneous understanding has led to adversity.” he added.

“The Americans knew that the condition is a changing situation, and in such a period of time several new powers emerged in international relations; many developments occurred due to the miscalculations. “

Zarif also said that military power was a source of power in a certain period of time however the governments were later forced to add economic and cultural powers as well. There was a time when diplomacy only existed in powers and the governments; a matter which has changed nowadays.


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