Iran’s major military arrangement defensive

TEHRAN, Aug. 17 (MNA) – Iran’s Hossein Dehqan rejected the speculations of ‘offensive mentality’ in Iran’s military arrangements.

Gen. Hossein Dehqan of Defense Ministry who was addressing Executive and Administrative Coordination Meeting on Monday, said that Iran’s military doctrine was purely defensive and in no part of the military structure would an offensive mentality be devised; “the doctrine should have a certain level of deterrence to discourage the enemies from any act against the country, or if they embarked on, they would be responded duly to force them to disgraceful retreat,” Dehqan emphasized.

“The Defense Ministry has a mediatory role in the whole defense machinery of the country; we are part of the government as well as part of the armed forces,” he added.

On a question of the role of the Defense Ministry, Dehqan responded that his ministry provided the logistics and resourcing for the armed forces, which had been a vast field; “providing security in national level and planning for proactive measures against active threats facing the Revolution are the major areas of concern,” he asserted.

“The current international system is on the gradual state of transience; after the fall of bipolar world, virtually no other alternative had risen to dominance since then; regional security is a serious issue; as a country located in a critical geography and facing diverse forms of threats, we are also in a continuous change of positions; for meeting such situation and its demands, our armed forces should regularly survey threats and equip itself accordingly to hit success,” emphasized the Defense Minister.

Dehqan also believed that Iran’s defensive machinery depended on public, giving an example the Imposed War, where the public provided excellent support for the armed forces. “We have the honor of enjoying a nation, consolidated and united as it is, which is prepared to defend the whole system; in another sense, we are also reliant on the will and resolve of the people, which is more powerful than nuclear weapons,” Dehqan lavished praise on the public.


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