No party eligible to abuse God for political end

TEHRAN, Aug. 12 (MNA) – Vatican’s ambassador to Tehran has said those who kill humans in the name of God are beasts.

The official website of the Second International Congress of 17,000 Iranian Terror Victims, Archbishop Leo Boccardi met with Seyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, the Secretary of the Congress, where he stressed that terrorism had been important to Iranians, since it posed great threats to them. Mr. Boccardi commented on the role played by the religion in fighting terrorism; “I think that religion could have an important role in fighting terrorism, since terrorism is born out of extremism; extremism and fundamentalism are ideology, making terrorists fit for inhumane acts and bestiality,” he added.

“Religions contribute much to respect, understanding, and dialogue instead of improving extremism; I believe Vatican and Pope Francis also play their role; the Papal Council of Interfaith Dialogue issued a message on holy month of Ramadan and called on Muslims and Christians to unite against extremism and violence; we should tell the world that no one is eligible to abuse God and religion for political gain,” emphasized the ambassador; “we should clearly tell the world this message, and get united against ISIL and other terrorists,” he added.

“Those terrorists who kill humans in the name of God would not have a claim to humanity, but they are beasts,” Archbishop Boccardi said.

Mr. Hasheminejad, for his part, highlighted the place of religions in contributing to fight against terrorism; “the real and true religions could greatly help fight this evil phenomenon, since the public views religions and its preachers as such,” he told the meeting. “We could not rule out the contribution of political ends which could act as propellants of terrorism, especially with evidence now clearly showing that some major international powers admit establishing these terrorist groups; this clearly demonstrates that ideological issues had been in the service of political ends of major powers, who foster terrorism for that specific end,” Hasheminejad concluded. 


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