ISIL doomed to elimination by future events

TEHRAN, Aug. 09 (MNA) – Iran’s Chief of Staff of Armed Forces has speculated ISIL’s ‘inevitable fall’ under the ‘overwhelming force of the future events.’

Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi provided a general analysis of the current developments in the region, where he believed that the scenarios of enemies of Islam had been aborted in the region; “our assessment of the situation in Iraq indicates excellent record of the government of Mr. Heidar al-Ebadi, who managed important success in protecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq against the enemies,” he said.

On the question about future of Syria, Firouzabadi told that the central government of Bashar al-Assad had taken fresh blood, scoring definitive victories in many battle fronts; “Syrian government demonstrated that it had been resilient enough, effectively protecting the national interest and constitution; the clouds of evil has gradually been swept away, and Assad’s government, deeply rooted and strong as it is, comes out victor,” he asserted.

“The ISIL and its allies are taking the process of disintegration and are doomed to elimination by the future event,” said Firouzabadi, who turned to Yemen as the other strategic regional battleground between ‘popular front’ and terrorists and foreign intervention.

“The ultimate victory will be with Yemenis, and the opposition would have no definite imagined end in the country, despite the mercenaries of the foreign intervention spend billions of dollars to launch media propaganda; however, these measures are short-lived, abandoning the scene with the same pace they assume the center stage of the news,” Firouzabadi asserted.

The commander also commented on Bahraini situation; “in Bahrain, the public demands are rooted in public vote, and to respect rights and voices of people would thrive as it is righteous; Bahrainis have clearly shown that their voice could not be suppressed; now opportunity has come to Bahraini regime to come to an understanding of the elites and to free the leaders of the public, so that it may stabilize itself in a path leading to Bahraini government and people interests,” Firouzabadi recommended.


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