Diplomacy, not submission, canceled UN resolution

TEHRAN, Aug. 03 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani said on Sun. that through diplomacy and logic, Iran made the UN terminate all its previous resolutions against the country.

Speaking in a live interview on state television in Tehran on Sunday night, President Rouhani said Iran through logic and diplomacy, and without war, submission or pleading, made the United Nations to terminate all its previous resolutions against the country.

Noting that the nuclear deal signed last month was “more than what was imagined,” the Iranian president called the accord with the 5+1 a “win-win achievement.”

“The opposite side had said it was pursuing an objective of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Iran never intended to build atomic bombs, so if the other side in the negotiations thinks it has achieved that goal [of preventing an Iranian bomb], let this be a victory for it,” said Rouhani.

“The other parties to negotiations suspected we were after nuclear bomb because in its initial sampling in 2003 it concluded that there was evidence that showed an enrichment of over 70 percent in Iran,” said the president. Rouhani added that the reason for such a surprising assessment was that the Islamic Republic had purchased second-hand centrifuges that had been used for high enrichment in other countries. “The IAEA inspectors visited those countries, carried out their inspections and the case was made clear,” said Rouhani.  

Highlighting the Iranian nation’s nobility when it comes to the battlefield, Rouhani said Iran has never sought weapons of mass destruction.

“When Saddam Hussain used chemical weapons against us during the war in the 1980s, we did not retaliate in the same way,” he asserted.

President Rouhani stressed that while Iran could never put its full trust in the western side, highlighted that a mechanism for the nuclear accord could be outlined so that both sides could continue with the implementation of the deal.

Rouhani also dubbed the recent UN resolution a great achievement as it has removed Irna from Chapter 7 of UN Charter which targets countries endangering global peace. “Under the recent UN resolution, Iran has ceased to be known as a global threat; now we are known as a country that is after research and development and can have constructive interactions with other countries,” said Rouhani.

Stressing that there was nothing to worry about, President Rouhani said Iran’s military capabilities will by no means be weakened under the nuclear accord. “We are very sensitive about our national security,” he emphasized.

Rouhani also reassured the nation that the potential increased trade activity following the removal of sanctions would not result in the imports of foreign goods to the country. “We welcome foreign investment and technology development, but not increased imports,” said he and highlighted his administration's emphasis on following Resistance Economy policies as highlighted by the Leader of the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian president further added that the Islamic Republic stands firm on its regional policies, saying, “the nuclear deal will certainly lead to a new atmosphere for a quicker political resolution of regional issues.”


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