Sapping natl. glory vis-à-vis west harmful

TEHRAN, Aug. 01 (MNA) – Renowned Principlist representative has blasted government's handling of the critics of Laurent Fabius’ visit to Tehran as ‘undermining national glory.’

Ahmad Tavakkoli was reacting to the crackdown by some ‘circles affiliated with the government’ on the critics of French foreign minister’s visit to Iran; “the very nature of Europeans visiting Tehran is positive when viewed from long-term considerations and also from the prospects of the current situation of the UN Security Council resolution endorsing the JCPOA; when the Europeans frequent Iran, it would be effective in preventing the weaknesses of the JCPOA arising in practicing the deal; so, from a foreign policy and economic points of view, their visit would be positively evaluated,” he told Mehr News, however emphasizing the possibility of inflicting damage in two situations of overzealousness about the Europeans’ visit, which he believed, would undermine national glory; “for example, when a political figure as Laurent Fabius decides to visit Iran with his past record of exporting HIV-infected blood and his sabotaging role in nuclear negotiations, the official government handling of his critics of his visit would damage the very nature of his visit.”

Tavakkoli was touching upon the recent battery allegedly by the government-affiliated circles on ‘students criticizing Fabius’s visit’ and display of a documentary on HIV-tainted blood for a 50-odd spectators in a small amphitheater, and also crackdown on a group of Imam Sadeq University students organizing peaceful demonstrations, which he lamented as sending ‘harmful messages’ to the foreign officials.

“These acts of crackdown on internal critics would send the message that whatever your disrespect toward us, we would yet be zealous about your visit, lavishing unnecessary praise,” Tavakkoli told Mehr News.

“Such a conduct contradicts the government’s claims of the rule of law; I believe that we should not be overzealous, blowing hot and cold in the prospects of a western official visiting Iran; the position that western officials would not be allowed to visit Iran would be baseless as it is made in the premise of these officials’ past deeds and positions towards Iran; depriving the people of expressing their ideas about the issue is also not accepted; western countries would encourage the opposition overseas to organize rallies against our political officials visiting those countries and would obviously the opposition,” Tavakkoli said.

He also pointed to the second pitfall of overzealousness; “if we seek economic open markets and advantage, I believe, we should not accept humiliation, since their market is exclusively for us; for example, in procurement of plane parts, the dominant industries have monopoly, such as Boing and Airbus; if we bow to their demands more than necessary, they would sell us the spare part in prices even more expensive,” he emphasized.

Tavakkoli called the critics of the government to ‘mount fair criticism’ against government, so that some circles “could not mange in silencing the people from expressing their criticism through propaganda and media ascendancy.” 


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