Muslim intellectuals critical of western civilization

MASHHAD, Aug. 01 (MNA) – Senior MP has told the closing ceremony of a meeting that ISIL has been an instrument for the secularist circles to reflect a distorted image of Islam.

Gholamali Haddad Adel who was the speaker of the closing ceremony of the 8th International Congress of Islamic Physicians held in Mashhad City Hall, denounced what he believed secularist circles advertisement of a lifestyle through which they ‘always’ sought to separate religion and social life; “what is now viewed in contemporary world also seeks the same objective,” Mr. Haddad Adel told the meeting.

Haddad Adel, who is also an adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Republic, believed that the formation of ISIL was in line with reflection of a distorted image of Islam to the world; “the enemy works intensely to promote the image of ISIL as true Muslims in the Middle East; however, it is too obvious to mention that the Islam propagated by ISIL and other extremist groups contradicts the pure Islam,” he added.

Haddad Adel highlighted the unity in Muslim countries in order to neutralize what was ‘weakening the position of Islam by secularist circles;’ “ today, the intellectuals of the Islamic countries who achieve university degrees would not think in the manner of their grandfathers of a century ago; they have developed now a critical view of the west and its civilization, which is crucial to an effective confrontation with the fundamentals of the western view of the cosmos,” Haddad Adel asserted.

Hadad Adel stated that there was huge efforts waged in all Islamic countries to advertise Islamic culture as software incorporating Iranian social life and culture; “this very drastic change would provide a valuable precedent for all Islamic countries of the present century,” he added.

Adviser to the Leader of the Islamic Republic however held that Iranians had paid disproportionate costs in bringing the Revolution of 1979 to a safe terra firma of victory; “300,000 martyrs in the finish line of the marathon is only a part of the nation’s perseverance; we have the great responsibility to inculcate in the new generation the values and ideals of the Revolution in line with defending Islamic Revolutionary ideals,” Hadad Adel told the closing ceremony.

About holding of the Congress, Hadad Adel believed that the Congress would bring unity and solidarity to society of physicians in the Muslim world; “definitely, the images of Iranians living a tranquil social life despite threats and sanction viewed by Muslim physicians would be the best way to promote this style of life fostered here in Iran,” he concluded. 


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