Parl. hails Iran’s N-talks team’s resilience

TEHRAN, Jul. 12 (MNA) – More than two hundred Iranian MPs declared their support for the Iranian negotiating team today.

Recited by a member of the directing board of Iran’s Parliment, the statement praised endeavor, resistance and loyalty of the Iranian team in dealing with excessive demands made by the Arrogant Powers.

Signed by 203 MPs and articulated at the end of Sunday open session, the manifesto opens with evaluating the last days of the all tides and ebbs of the talks as a revealing proof of the true nature of the sides involved in negotiations.

The MPs express content that after years of talks, the sincerity of the Islamic Republic of Iran is evident in face of the mischievous nature of the excuses made by the westerners especially the US.

The Majlis Members (MPs) praise the Iranian negotiators for their persistence with the interests of the Iranian nation in fight against the excessive demands of the Arrogance.

They further called for immediate removal of unfair sanctions against Iran's finance, banking and arms sectors without any precondition and prior to the IAEA verification of Iran's nuclear activities.

Reiterating the principles shared by almost all Iranian officials lawmakers added that Iran will not allow inspectors to visit its military sites or interview the nuclear scientists.

Parliamentarians have stated that the negotiators should not accept limitations on Iran's research and development program or uncommon timetables for commitments of either parties.

The lawmakers' statement urged using domestic capacities to resolve the economic problems.

They also praised nation's large turnout in Quds Day, urging the Muslim polity to be unanimous against the Zionists.


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    • REALIST 19:39 - 2015/07/12
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      I have mentioned this time and time again on the PressTV website that the western negotiating team on the nuclear deal with Iran is using the Zionists negotiating tactics used to drag the Palestinian so called peace process on and on for years to come, while they chipping the Palestinians unity and power little by little and weakening them day by day!! Same goes with Iran, while they are gradually weakening Iran they let the so called negotiations continue and continue until they reach their goa