Sparrho identifies Iranian woman as ‘the next Einstein’

TEHRAN, Mar. 11 (MNA) – According to Forbes report, the scientific discovery engine ‘Sparrho’ has identified Zahra Haghani as being the potential future Einstein.

Sparrho is a scientific recommendation engine providing personalized scientific news-feeds by using proprietary machine learning algorithms. It checks more than 10,000 sources daily and features more than 1.3 million documents in its database, including the latest articles, patents, videos and even grants.

Through a partnership with The British Library, Sparrho has access to all of its content dating back to the 1890s. That allows the company to search Einstein’s work and find all the people who have written similar papers.

Sparrho has analyzed the writings of Iranian Zahra Haghani, 27 years old, and currently an assistant professor at Damghan University, and determined that she was one of several writers who were statistically most similar to Einstein.

Haghani’s research interests include modified gravity, its time evolutions and their applications in cosmology.

She has received an honorable mention in the Gravity Research Foundation Essay contest 2014 for the paper Matter may Matter.

The others who were identified as being potential future Einsteins are: Nikodem Poplawski, theoretical physicist at the University of New Haven; Hajime Sotani, a project assistant professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan; Shinji Tsujikawa, associate professor at the Tokyo University of Science; and J. Brian Pitts based at the University of Cambridge.




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