Foreign private sectors back end to Iran sanctions

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TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) – Head of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture of Tehran has said private sectors across the world are enthusiastic to open their way to Iran’s economy.

In an interview to Mehr News, Yahia Ale Eshaq quoted President Rouhani as saying after returning from his UN General Assembly meeting that current economic, political and power situation around the world and in the region demand Iran’s nuclear talks come to solution one way or the other.

Ale Eshaq expressed hope that everyone came to such a conclusion and pointing to technical issues in negotiations predicted that the two sides can reach a final agreement in terms of technical differences.

He also stated that public opinions of the world were moving toward demanding a solution to Iran’s nuclear talks; “the time, however, which is lost should not be ignored,” he asserted.

He emphasized that a win-win solution can only happen if an agreement is reached as soon as possible so that all the sides can seize the opportunity.

He referred to several negotiations with private sector businesses from around the world and highlighted their enthusiasm for more economic ties with Iran.

Ale Eshaq also said that several foreign businesses and enterprises in Asian and European countries such as Germany and UK had been holding seminars and meetings to assess economic trade with Iran after sanctions on Iran are removed.



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