TEHRAN, July 9 (MNA) –Iran’s FM spokeswoman has said Islamic Republic of Iran has not sent any air strikers to Iraq.

Asked about stories in western media about Iran’s sending of Sukhoi fighter aircraft to Iraq, Marzieh Afkham said that the Islamic Republic of Iran never sent any fighters or military equipment to Iraq.

On recent nuclear negotiations going on in Vienna, Afkahm told reporters that the Islamic Republic of Iran would continue the talks to reach agreement with the 5+1 group before the deal deadline of July 20 or beyond it.

She maintained that negotiations had some, albeit little, progress. “We hope that the other side’s realism brings right decisions to talks,” she added.

Afkham asserted that foreign ministers of P5+1 would also join the negotiations by the end of the week.

She held that Iran was determined to reach an agreement in this round and start drafting the final nuclear text but not at any price.

Commenting on nuclear talks, Afkham told reporters that Iran would not reach a deal ‘at any price.’

“We hope that both sides hammer out a final deal by the deadline; time is not an end, but the deal is,” she said.

Asked about Leader’s recent remarks who said that Iran would accept some responsibilities, and the ongoing story in the western media that Iran had accepted to ‘cross its redlines,’ FM spokeswoman told that the Leader’s remarks were totally transparent and according to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s indisputable nuclear rights. “The western media interpret Leader's remarks according to their own mentality whatsoever,” she said.

In response to a question about claims made about the ‘parallel state’ in Afghanistan and whether Iran would accept election fraud, Afkham said that the final verdict about the elections would be with relevant officials in Afghanistan. “We invite both sides to equanimity and finding a legal approach to the issue,” she asserted.

About the Islamic Republic of Iran’s position on news about Kurdistan Autonomous Region, she told reporters that “no Iraqi would seek disintegration and weakening of his country, and the Iraqi constitution is the basis for action, and the constitution has the capacity to address demands of all sides; which would secure the interests of all Iraqi factions in the region.”

Afkham also believed that Saudi Arabia was an influential country in the region. “We believe that Saudi Arabia could play a more constructive role in the region as a step to help solve problems in the region. Iran has announced that it is ready for any new dialogue useful for the region with Saudis,” she said.

Asked about the verdict by the International court in the Hague against the US, Afkham said that Iran had filed several cases against the US in the court. “In some cases, the court has issued verdicts; it is a technical and gradual process,” she told reporters.

On Iran’s alternative candidate for the position of its permanent envoy to the UN, Afkham rejected the speculations as fabrication and false. “Iran has nominated no new candidate and Mr. Dehqan serves in the UN as the ambassador,” she added.

In response to a question about the possibility that John Kerry and Iran’s negotiators discuss Iraq in Vienna, Afkham said that no other issue would be discussed other than nuclear program.

About president Obama’s recent article in Israeli daily Haaretz who said that all options were on the table, she said that the Iran’s response was clear. “Threats are irrelevant to the technical discussions; such remarks are intended for domestic use only, and some ‘special circles’ welcome hearing that,” Afkham added.

Afkham also commented on the death of Eduard Shevardnadze, former USSR foreign minister. “He was a friend of the Islamic Republic. I offer condolences to the Georgian people and his family for his demise,” she said.



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