Leader: awaiting Mahdi saves man from despair

TEHRAN, June 11 (MNA) – The Leader of the Islamic Republic has said awaiting Mahdi saves man from despair, going astray.

Ayatollah Khamenei, who was visiting a book fair ‘Dar al-Hadith’ in Imam Khomeini (RA) hosseiniyeh and the staff, said that “the spirit of awaiting and spiritual link with the Mahdi is the greatest gates of opening for the humanity. Awaiting would save the man from going astray and despair.”

“No one would even imagine an Islamic state would replace a regime backed by all superpowers; it was an example will possibly happen with the Emergence of Imam Mahdi,” the Leader said.

The Leader of the Islamic Republic also received The Imam Mahdi Encyclopedia. He also visited other research products of the firm.

Ayatollah Khamenei addressed a group of the firm staff and officials on the eve of the anniversary of Imam Mahdi’s birth (15th Sha’ban, the 8th month of the Hegira Calendar).

The Leader believed that the Encyclopedia was one of the best examples of attempts to identify deficiencies [in the issue of Messiah] and a great gift for the academic community of the Islamic society.

“The emergence of Imam Mahdi is a definite promise made by God for the humans; it is to ensure the man that the great promise would be realized,” he asserted.

He mentioned verses of Quran where the God made promises about the childhood of Moses and promised his mother that he would return as a messenger of God. “Realization of the first promise was a prologue to second promise to be realized in few next years,” the Leader added, “belief in Messiah is a great part of all religions of the world as their justification of the end of the world.”

“All religions believe that will eventually come to a desirable home, so pleasant and cheerful a home, where the most important feature is justice,” asserted the Leader. “The humanity has been crossing the wilderness of despair, sin, and horrors only ultimately to find an open prairie of hope, when the time cometh for Mahdi to emerge,” the Leader said.



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