TEHRAN, Jan. 9 (MNA) – Researchers in the University of Nuclear Science and Technology has developed a method to last longer in the body, thus fighting tumors.

God nanoparticles (AuNPs) have wide applications in molecular imaging, drug delivery systems due to their unique physic-chemical properties of facility of production, surface features and biocompatibility. Among different shapes, gold nano-rods enjoy better optical features, which makes it’s more biocompatible compared to other shapes.

Using isotopes has found popularity in studies focusing on the distribution of nanoparticles in the body. Researchers in the University of Nuclear Science and Technology has carried out a project and produced different nanoparticle shapes and then functionalized them with PEG (Polyethylene Glycol ) coating.

This coating increases the time when nanoparticles are circulated in the body and facilitates their labeling. With labeling gold nano-rods with iodine 131 isotopes and intravenous injection in mice, their bio-distribution in the body was examined.

Stability and metabolism of this component inside mice body was also investigated through gamma ray scanning. The results indicated that PEG-coated gold nano-rods, which was labeled by iodine 131 survived the uptake and elimination by the immune system of  liver , spleen, and bone marrow and remained intact, thus lasting longer in circulation in heart and lung.


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