Parliamentary Ties



  • Iran-Oman 2017-06-16 15:57

    Iran, Oman after boosting parliamentary ties

    TEHRAN, Jun. 16 (MNA) – Iranian Ambassador to Oman Shahroudi and Oman Consultative Assembly Speaker Khalid Hilal bin Nasser al-Mawali met on Thursday in Muscat.

  • حسین امیرعبداللهیان 2017-05-08 10:09

    US plays no effective role in combating terrorism in region

    TEHRAN, May 08 (MNA) – Iranian Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said the US under Trump or Obama has not taken any effective action to fight against terrorism in the region.

  • نشست خبری علی لاریجانی رئیس مجلس شورای اسلامی 2017-05-03 10:17

    Iran, Indonesia discuss potentials for economic coop.

    TEHRAN, May 03 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani met with the head of Indonesian Parliamentary Committee Azis Syamsuddin to discuss the potentials of the two countries for cooperation.

  • لاریجانی 2017-04-24 14:22

    Iran, Kyrgyzstan stress facilitation of trade coop.

    TEHRAN, Apr. 24 (MNA) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said he talked with Kyrgyz counterpart on facilitating economic cooperation and the possibility of direct flights between the two countries.

  • دیدار علی لاریجانی رئیس مجلس شورای اسلامی با آیت الله سید کاظم نور مفیدی نماینده ولی فقیه در استان گلستان 2017-04-23 09:39


    Iranian Parliament after stronger Tehran-Tbilisi trade ties

    TEHRAN, Apr. 23 (MNA) – Ali Larijani said the Iranian Parliament seeks to pass laws that can take a positive step in facilitating trade relations between Iran and Georgia.

  • ایران و ویتنام 2017-04-20 11:21

    Iranian, Vietnamese MPs meet in Hanoi

    TEHRAN, Apr. 20 (MNA) – Iranian and Vietnamese legislators met in Hanoi on Thursday and discussed the ways to bolster parliamentarian ties.

  • Humam Hamoudi 2017-04-04 22:10

    Iraqi MP hails Iran’s role in region

    TEHRAN, Apr. 04 (MNA) – Parliamentarian delegations of Iran and Iraq met in Dhaka on the sidelines of the 136th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) assembly.

  • boroujerdi 2017-03-17 14:40

    Iranian, Russian MPs confer on Syrian crisis    

    TEHRAN, Mar. 17 (MNA) – Two parliamentarian delegations of Iran and Russia conferred on the recent developments in terms of Syrian crisis through video conference on Thursday.

  • دیدار علی لاریجانی با چائو تائی بوک رییس مجمع عالی خلق کره شمالی 2017-02-20 10:59

    US seeks pressure on independent states

    TEHRAN, Feb. 20 (MNA) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the US has always sought to put pressure on independent countries and does not want peace to be established in different regions.

  • Sanaei 2017-02-18 13:54

    Iran, Russia stress on expansion of parliamentary ties

    TEHRAN, Feb. 18 (MNA) – Iranian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Mehdi Sanaei and Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky examined ways to expand all-out ties, including parliamentary cooperation.

  • oman 2017-02-15 11:31

    Cementing Iran-Oman ties to benefit region’s stability

    MUSCAT, Feb. 15 (MNA) – Advisor to Iran’s Parl. Speaker voiced satisfaction with growth of friendly cooperation between Iran and Oman, saying stronger bilateral ties will benefit peace and stability of the region.

  • گفتگو با سلیم الجبوری، عباس البیاتی و علاءالدین بروجردی 2017-02-08 10:32


    US made huge mistakes in Syria

    TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) – Iran’s senior MP Boroujerdi in a meeting with German MP Johann Wadephul said the US has made ‘huge mistakes’ in regional crises, particularly in regard to Syrian situation.

  • دیدار رئیس مجلس ملی بلاروس با رئیس جمهور 2017-02-06 21:14


    Iran hails cooperation with Eurasian countries

    TEHRAN, Feb. 06 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani has told a meeting with Belarusian speaker of national assembly Iran welcomes working with Eurasian countries especially Belorussia.

  • larijani 2017-02-06 12:09

    Larijani discusses bilateral ties with Belarusian counterpart

    TEHRAN, Feb. 06 (MNA) – Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich met with Iranian counterpart Ali Larijani on Monday.

  • بوسنی 2017-01-31 14:04

    Bosnia to maintain ties with Iran, besides accession to NATO

    TEHRAN, Jan. 31 (MNA) – Chairmen of the Bosnia and Herzegovina House of Representatives Šefik Džaferović said his country holds special attention to maintain relations with friendly countries like Iran, besides its efforts to get membership in NATO.

  • iran italy 2017-01-31 12:56

    Iran keen on boosting tourism with Italy  

    TEHRAN, Jan. 31 (MNA) – Head of Iran-Italy Parliamentary Friendship Group, Parvaneh Salahshouri, stressed Iran’s interest in promoting tourism industry and holding joint art exhibitions and other cultural activities with Italy.

  • Mikhail Myasnikovich 2017-01-29 20:14

    Belarusian head of National Assembly to visit Tehran

    TEHRAN, Jan. 29 (MNA) – Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich is slated for an official visit to Tehran next Monday, 6 February.

  • کاظم جلالی 2017-01-27 19:09

    19th general committee of IIPU held in Mali

    TEHRAN, Jan. 27 (MNA) – With contributions of three Iranian lawmakers at the 19th meeting of the general committee of the Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union, the final statement and the agenda of the talks were passed on Thursday.

  • «امیر عبداللهیان» و «بشار اسد» 2017-01-26 21:42

    Bashar Assad receives Amir-Abdollahian

    TEHRAN, Jan. 26 (MNA) – Iran’s parliamentary official and Syrian President Bashar Assad have discussed latest developments in Syrian fight against terrorism.

  • دیدار علی لاریجانی رئیس مجلس شورای اسلامی با آیت الله سید کاظم نور مفیدی نماینده ولی فقیه در استان گلستان 2017-01-11 15:06


    Iran, Mali share views on regional issues, combating terror

    TEHRAN, Jan. 11 (MNA) – Iran’s Parl. Speaker Ali Larijani stressed Iran's friendly ties with the African Republic of Mali, saying the two countries share common views on regional issues and fighting terrorism.

  • Boroujerdi in Beirut 2017-01-07 09:34


    Iran still ready to arm Lebanese Army

    TEHRAN, Jan. 07 (MNA) – The head the Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi stressed that Iran is still ready to arm the Lebanese Army, however, the final decision in this regard must be taken in Beirut.

  • بروجردی/ خمیس 2017-01-05 19:47

    Syrian PM:

    Tehran, Damascus ties “unique in intl. arena”

    TEHRAN, Jan. 05 (MNA) – Syrian Prime Minister Emad Khamis hailed Iran-Syrian ties as a unique one in international scenes that could be a role model for neighboring states.

  • بروجردی، معلم 2017-01-05 13:48

    Al-Muallem, Boroujerdi discuss Aleppo ceasefire

    TEHRAN, Jan. 05 (MNA) – A delegation of Iranian Parliament had visited Syrian capital of Damascus just days after Aleppo ceasefire and evacuation of terrorists from the city by Syrian Army.

  • 02br4 boroujerdi.jpg 2017-01-04 09:05

    Iranian parliamentary delegation in Syria for talks

    TEHRAN, Jan. 04 (MNA) – The Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Alaeddin Boroujerdi flied for Syria on Tuesday evening.

  • EF2-Malaysia.130.jpg 2016-12-27 16:21

    Palestine most important issue of Muslim World

    TEHRAN, Dec. 27 (MNA) – Head of Parliamentary Friendship Group of Iran and Malaysia Mahmoud Sadeghi said the root causes of crises and insecurity in the region lie in the expansion of extremism and terrorism.

  • MA3.Czech.jpg 2016-12-21 11:59

    Iran, Czech after stronger economic relations

    TEHRAN, Dec. 21 (MNA) – Iranian MP, while pointing to existence of numerous venues for development of Tehran-Prague relations, called for removal of ongoing barriers.

  • larijani-bosnia 2016-12-20 16:32

    Iran, Bosnia share views on regional crisis

    TEHRAN, Dec. 20 (MNA) – Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the Islamic Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina hold common views on solving regional issues.

  • mp russia 2016-12-13 09:34

    MP calls for expansion of Tehran-Moscow banking ties

    TEHRAN, Dec. 13 (MNA) – Senior Iranian MP Sobhanifar has deemed facilitation of banking and customs relations between Iran and Russia as effective means of bolstering existing bonds between the two sides.

  • belarus 2016-12-03 15:01

    Iran, Belarus to expand parl. coop.

    MINSK, Dec. 03 (MNA) – Iranian amb. to Minsk and a Belarusian parliamentary official met in the Belarusian capital on Saturday to confer on the expansion of parliamentary ties between the two countries.

  • اجلاس بین المجالس آسیایی 2016-12-02 15:23

    Iran’s delegate stresses expansion of ties with APA states  

    TEHRAN, Dec. 02 (MNA) – Iranian parliamentary group held meetings with delegations from Cambodia, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam and China on the sidelines of APA 9th Plenary Session in Cambodia.