Nader Entessar



  • نادر انتصار 2017-10-13 22:30

    Prof. Entessar:

    Trump ultimately to turn JCPOA into meaningless paper scrap

    TEHRAN, Oct. 13 (MNA) –Referring to Trump's stance toward JCPOA, Nader Entessar Professor of Political Science of University of South Alabama says he kicked ythe ball to the US Congress's court to ultimately turn JCPOA into a meaningless scrap of paper.

  • نادر انتصار 2017-09-22 14:31

    Prof. Entessar:

    Due to limits, KRG to calibrate policy toward Turkey

    TEHRAN, Sep. 22 (MNA) – Professor of political science, Nader Entessar says due to Ankara influence, the KRG has carefully calibrated its policies towards Turkey, and it may continue to do so.

  • نادر انتصار 2017-09-14 09:24

    Nader Entessar:

    US stated, actual policy on Erbil independence referendum incongruent

    TEHRAN, Sep. 14 (MNA) – Commenting on the US incongruent policies toward Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum, Professor of political science says those in favor of creating an independent Kurdish state count on US support via Israel.

  • نادر انتصار 2017-08-27 09:14

    Nader Entessar:

    Joint operations new thinking in Turkey's Iran strategy

    TEHRAN, Aug. 27 (MNA)- Professor of political science says Turkey's tendency for joint military action with Iran signals a new thinking in Ankara's strategic outlook towards Tehran, but difficult under the current political situation.