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  • جشنواره بین‌المللی فیلم آریزونا 2017-03-20 14:18

    Arizona filmfest. to host 'The Servant'

    TEHRAN, Mar. 20 (MNA) – Iranian animation 'The Servant', directed by Farnoush Abedi, will be screened at Arizona International Film Festival.

  • سلام بمبئی 2017-03-18 11:00

    German theatres to screen ‘Salaam Mumbai’

    TEHRAN, Mar. 18 (MNA) – ‘Salaam Mumbai’, Iranian-Indian drama directed by Ghorban Mohammadpour will be hosted by Germany.

  • 1444 2017-03-14 09:00

    Documentary film '1444' to go on screen in summer

    TEHRAN, Mar. 14 (MNA) – Directed by Mehdi Bagheri, documentary film 1444, a warning about environmental destruction, is going to go on screen some time this summer in Iran.

  • گفتگو با نرگس آبیار 2017-03-13 14:11

    Abyar wins Best Direction at Vancouver Women filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Mar. 13 (MNA) – Iranian filmmaker Narges Abyar has won Best Direction Award for ‘Breath’ at 12th Vancouver International Women In Film Festival in Canada.

  • fiff 2017-03-12 11:36

    35th FIFF to pay tribute to late director Abbas Kiarostami

    TEHRAN, Mar. 12 (MNA) – The organizers of the 35th Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF) will pay tribute to the highly-acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, who died in July 2016.

  • انیمیشن پیشخدمت 2017-02-28 13:01

    ‘The Servant’ goes to London Independent filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Feb. 28 (MNA) – Farnoush Abedi’s animated piece ‘The Servant’ about a giant cockroach who gets tired of his servitude to man, will be screened at 14th London Independent Film Festival.

  • فیلم بی حوا 2017-02-27 16:33

    ‘Without Eve’ goes to British filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Feb. 27 (MNA) – Short drama ‘Without Eve’ written and directed by Komeil Rouhani has been accepted into the competing program of the international golden award film festival in London, UK.

  • oscars2017 2017-02-27 09:34

    VIDEO: Farhadi urges world toward empathy

    TEHRAN, Feb. 27 (MNA) – Iranian director Asghar Farhadi won his second Academy Award on Sun. for his film 'The Salesman'. Iranian-American engineer Anousheh Ansari, who also happens to be the first Iranian to go into space, accepted the award on Farhadi’s behalf. Ansari was also accompanied by former NASA director Firouz Naderi.

  • فیلم نفس 2017-02-26 18:39

    Italy to screen Iranian filmmaker’s works

    TEHRAN, Feb. 26 (MNA) – ‘Breath’ and other cinematographic productions by Iranian filmmaker Narges Abyar will be screened and critiqued in the Italian city of Milan.

  • moondance 2017-02-25 11:25

    Moondance filmfest. offers free entry fees for 7 banned countries by US

    TEHRAN, Feb. 25 (MNA) – The Moondance International Film Festival offers free entry fees for filmmakers, writers and composers in the 7 countries including Iran now banned from the US following Donald Trump’s executive order.

  • فیلم مالاریا 2017-02-19 19:07

    Iran’s ‘Malaria’ goes to Belgrade filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Feb. 19 (MNA) – 'Malaria', directed by Parviz Shahbazi, has been accepted into the screening program of the Belgrade International Film Festival, known as FEST.

  • دخترک آت آشغالی 2017-02-05 12:26

    Iranian shorts awarded at Atlas & Aeris filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Feb. 05 (MNA) – Three Iranian shorts including ‘Junk Girl’ by Mohammad Zare and Shalale Kheiri and ‘Hunting’ by Zahra Jafari were awarded at 2017 Atlas & Aeris film festival in Boston, US.

  • عکس تزئینی جشنواره فیلم فجر 2017-01-15 16:34

    By: Marjohn Sheikhi, Niusha Rouzban

    Women to take center stage at 35th Fajr Film Festival

    THERAN, Jan. 15 (MNA) – Iran is getting ready to host the 35th edition of its most prestigious cultural event in February, this time showcasing works by women filmmakers and women’s issues more than ever before.

  • فیلم آبجی 2017-01-09 13:41

    ‘Abji’ to vie at 5th Pune filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Jan. 09 (MNA) – Iranian film 'Abji', directed by Marjan Ashrafizadeh, will compete at the 15th Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) in India.

  • فیلم فروشنده 2017-01-09 09:27

    Iran’s ‘The Salesman’ loses Golden Globe to ‘Elle’

    TEHRAN, Jan. 09 (MNA) – Third-time Golden Globe nominated filmmaker Asghar Farhadi stopped short of winning 2017 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film on Sun., conceding the award to Paul Verhoeven's thriller 'Elle'.

  • film 2017-01-08 13:47

    3 Iranian films go to Venezuelan filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Jan. 08 (MNA) – Three Iranian films directed by Morteza Sabzeghaba has been accepted into the screening programs of the International Film Festival On-Line of the Five Continents in Venezuela.

  • اینجا کسی نمی میرد 2017-01-07 15:33

    ‘Nobody Dies Here’ goes to Dhaka filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Jan. 07 (MNA) – Hossein Kondori’s feature film ‘Nobody Dies Here’ about the loneliness of a young conscript, has been accepted into the screening program of the 15th Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh.

  • Conference “Image of the Pen”, Narges Abyar 2017-01-04 14:55

    Narges Abyar elected as jury member at PIFF

    TEHRAN, Jan. 04 (MNA) – Iranian filmmaker Narges Abyar will judge the 15th Pune International Film Festival 2016 in India.

  • حوزه هنری 2016-12-27 22:09

    9 Iranian films at Kolkata Children’s filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Dec. 27 (MNA) – Iranian cinema has taken a considerable spot at India's Kolkata International Children's Film Festival with two features and seven short films selected for the screening program.

  • نشست خبری عوامل فیلم سینمایی فروشنده 2016-12-13 10:42

    Iran’s ‘The Salesman’ nominated for Golden Globe

    TEHRAN, Dec. 13 (MNA) – Iran’s Oscar entry ‘The Salesman’ directed by Asghar Farhadi has been nominated for the 74th Golden Globe awards in the foreign-language category.

  • اصغر فرهادی 2016-12-11 15:52

    Doha Film Institute recruits Farhadi as Qumra Master

    TEHRAN, Dec. 11 (MNA) – Oscar-winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi is among the first recruited masters for the Doha Film Institute’s 2017 Qumra event which seeks to provide mentorship for filmmakers around the world.

  • فیلم فروشنده 2016-11-30 15:10

    Iran’s ‘The Salesman’ takes 1st step toward winning Oscar

    TEHRAN, Nov. 30 (MNA) – By naming Asghar Farhadi’s ‘The Salesman’ the best foreign language film of the year by US National Board of Review, the Iranian drama has taken its 1st step toward winning the 2017 Oscar.

  • جشنواره زوبروفکا لهستان 2016-11-26 17:48

    Polish filmfest. to host 7 Iranian shorts, jury

    TEHRAN, Nov. 26 (MNA) – Seven Iranian short films will be screened at Zubroffka Intl. Film Festival in Poland which hosts an Iranian filmmaker as part of its jury panel.

  • جدایی نادر از سیمین 2016-11-20 20:40

    Pakistan screens Farhadi’s ‘A Separation’

    TEHRAN, Nov. 20 (MNA) – Asghar Farhadi’s drama film ‘A Separation’, which won Academy Award in 2012, was screened in Pakistan on Saturday November 19.

  • متولد 65 2016-11-07 19:26

    ‘Born in 86’ goes to India

    TEHRAN, Nov. 07 (MNA) – Iranian feature film ‘Born in 86’ directed by Majid Tavakoli has been selected to compete at the 14th International Chennai Film Festival in India.

  • جایزه زاپاس 2016-11-04 21:16

    Canadian Filmfest. awards Iranian film

    TEHRAN, Nov. 04 (MNA) – An Iranian comedy feature film of 2015, garnered the title of the best film at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival in Toronto. The film was a box-office success in Iran.

  • هفتمین جشنواره فیلم های ایرانی لندن 2016-10-15 13:16

    ‘The Salesman’ to open 7th London Iranian filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Oct. 15 (MNA) – The 7th London Iranian Film Festival will open with Asghar Farhadi’s ‘The Salesman’ on October 28, 2016.

  • جشنواره سلیمانیه 2016-10-05 20:31

    Iranian filmmakers win top awards at Slemani filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) – Iranian filmmakers won the ‘golden pine cone’ awards at the 1st Slemani International Film Festival in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan.

  • مستند  A157 2016-10-05 16:17

    Iran’s ‘A157’ goes to India’s Library filmfest.

    TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) – War documentary ‘A157’ by Behrouz Nouranipour will be screened in Library Film Festival in Jaipur, India, as a tribute to global peace.

  • Kapul 2016-09-18 12:11

    'Kupal' to attend intl. film festivals early 2017

    TEHRAN, Sep. 18 (MNA) – Kazem Mollaie’s debut feature 'Kupal' about a hunter and a taxidermist will be presented to international film festivals in early 2017.