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  • اسحاق جهانگیری 2017-09-17 16:22

    Jahangiri hails Iran’s 3rd place in FIVB Grand Champions Cup

    TEHRAN, Sep. 17 (MNA) – First VP Jahangiri extended his congratulations to Iranian volleyball players for claiming third place on FIVB Volleyball Men's World Grand Champions Cup, bringing home a historic medal from the international event.

  • کابینه یازدهم 2017-09-02 13:40

    Veep congratulates Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam on National Day

    TEHRAN, Sep. 02 (MNA) – In separate letters addressed to prime ministers of Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam, Iran's first Vice President Jahangiri felicitated the countries' independence day.

  • استقبال رسمی جهانگیری از نخست وزیر عراق 2017-06-21 09:42

    By: Asghar Khamseh

    Iraqi PM welcomed officially by VP

    TEHRAN, Jun. 21 (MNA) – First Vice President Es'hagh Jahangiri officially welcomed Iraqi Prime Minister Heidar al-Abadi on Tuesday evening.

  • اسحاق جهانگیری معاون اول رئیس جمهور 2017-04-20 15:28

    Sanctions opportunity for expanding Iran-Russia ties

    TEHRAN, Apr. 20 (MNA) – Iranian First Vice President Es'hagh Jahangiri met, on Wednesday, with Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov who is visiting Iran.

  • مراسم بزرگداشت روز پرستار 2017-02-02 17:10

    By: Majid Asgaripour

    National Nurses' Day observed in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Feb. 02 (MNA) – In a ceremony, on Wednesday, with Iran’s First Vice-President Es'hagh Jahangiri and Health Minister Seyed Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi at the venue, the National Nurses' Day was celebrated at the Hall of OIC States’ Heads Summit in Tehran.

  • دیدار وزرای خارجه آلبانی و ایران 2017-01-16 14:22

    Iran eager to receive Albanian tourism investors

    TEHRAN, Jan. 16 (MNA) – Iranian Vice-President Ahmadipour said Iran would welcome Albanian investors for construction of tourism infrastructure.

  • جهانگیری 2016-12-16 19:23


    Iran ready to deploy humanitarian aids to Syria

    TEHRAN, Dec. 16 (MNA) – Iranian First VP Es'hagh Jahangiri has urged immediate shipment of humanitarian aids to conflict zones in Syria and voiced Iran’s readiness to do so.

  • اسحاق جهانگیری، معاون اول رئیس جمهور 2016-11-20 11:22

    1st VP appreciates Iraq hosting Arbaeen pilgrims

    TEHRAN, Nov. 20 (MNA) – Iran’s First VP Es'hagh Jahangiri has expressed gratitude to the government and nation of Iraq for their warm receiving of millions of Arbaeen pilgrims.

  • تورم 2016-09-26 17:27

    Iran’s inflation rate stands at 8.8%

    TEHRAN, Sep. 26 (MNA) – CBI has announced that Iran’s inflation rate reached 8.8 per cent in the 12-month period leading to the previous Iranian calendar month (ended September 21).

  • inflation 2016-08-23 21:54


    Annual inflation rate stands at 8.7%

    TEHRAN, Aug. 23 (MNA) – Cabinet spokesperson said annual inflation by the fifth Iranian month (ended August 21) stood at 8.7 percent indicating a 0.3-percent decrease as compared with the earlier month.

  • مراسم استقبال رسمی از نخست وزیر بلغارستان 2016-07-11 13:51

    Iran, Bulgaria sign 3 MoUs

    TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – Three memorandums were signed between Iran and Bulgaria on Mon. in Tehran in the presence of Iran’s 1st VP Jahangiri and Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov.

  • مسعود سلطانی فر 2016-05-12 15:26


    Iran’s security best guarantee for tourism investors

    TEHRAN, May 12 (MNA) – In a joint presser with Turkish tourism minister, Iran’s chief of tourism, VP Soltanifar boasted the good security of Iran as a good ground for development of tourism in Iran.

  • سید محمد علی شهیدی 2016-04-26 19:38

    Iranian official meets with Nasrallah

    TEHRAN, Apr. 26 (MNA) – Vice-President for War Veterans Affairs Seyed Mohammad Ali Shahidi arrived in Lebanon on Monday and met with Lebanese PM Salam, Parliament Speaker Berri and Hezbollah’s Secretary General Nasrallah.

  • مراسم استقبال رسمی از معاون رئیس جمهور اروگوئه شرقی 2016-04-25 13:29

    By: Arshideh Shahangi

    Iran 1st VP welcomes Uruguayan counterpart

    TEHRAN, Apr. 25 (MNA) – First Vice-President Es'hagh Jahangiri officially welcomed the visiting Uruguayan Vice-President Raul Sendic in the cultural and historical complex of Sa'adabad in north of Tehran on Monday.

  • بازدید معاون اول رئیس جمهور از ستاد انتخابات 2016-02-25 19:48

    By: Asghar Khamseh

    Iran's first VP visits election campaign

    TEHRAN, Feb. 25 (MNA) – First Vice-President Es'haq Jahangiri visited Iran's election campaign Thursday afternoon, on the eve of polling day of Parliamentary Elections due on Friday, Feb. 26.

  • نخست وزیر یونان 2016-02-08 14:37

    Iran, Greece sign economic MoUs to further bilateral ties

    TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) – Tehran and Athens signed three political and economical MoUs on Monday.

  • مراسم استقبال رسمی از نخست وزیر یونان 2016-02-08 11:22

    BY: Hossein Esmaeili

    Official welcoming ceremony of Greek PM

    TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) – Iran's first VP Es'hagh Jahangiri hosted a welcome ceremony for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at Sadabad Palace on Monday.

  • azerbaijan 2016-01-21 14:39

    Azerbaijan eyes stronger ties with Tehran: Aliyev

    TEHRAN, Jan. 21 (MNA) – Iranian President's Chief of Staff Nahavandian and Azerbaijani President Aliyev met on Thursday in Davos of Switzerland.

  • استقبال رسمی جهانگیری از عبدالله عبدالله 2016-01-05 09:38


    ‘Afghanistan’s stability equals Iran’s security’

    TEHRAN, Jan. 05 (MNA) – Iran’s first VP has said Afghanistan’s stability equals maintenance of peace and security in Iran.

  • جهانگیری.jpg 2015-12-26 14:34

    Iran’s VP wishes serenity for all nations in 2016

    TEHRAN, Dec. 26 (MNA) – Iranian First Vice-President Jahangiri in separate messages congratulated his counterparts in Christian nations on the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and the New Year.

  • دیدار رئیس جمهور ترکیه با معاون اول رئیس جمهور 2015-12-13 09:46

    Iran ready to end tension in Turkey-Russia ties

    TEHRAN, Dec. 13 (MNA) – First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri said Iran is concerned over the tension in Turkey-Russia relations and is ready to take appropriate measures to end the row.

  • مراسم افتتاحیه کنفرانس سیاست بی طرفی همکاری بین المللی جهت صلح امنیت و توسعه 2015-12-12 16:08

    At Turkmenistan neutrality conf.;

    Iran urges regional convergence in fighting terror, violence

    TEHRAN, Dec. 12 (MNA) – The Iranian Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri at the 20th anniversary of the Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan conf. in Ashgabat stressed the need for regional convergence in fighting terror and violence.

  • جهانگیری 2015-12-12 12:19

    First VP in Turkmenistan for neutrality, peace conf.

    TEHRAN, Dec. 12 (MNA) – The Iranian Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri, heading a high ranking delegation, will be attending ‘The policy of neutrality: international cooperation for peace, security and development’ in Ashgabat today.

  • جهانگیری.jpg 2015-12-02 14:04

    Vice president arrives in Iraq

    TEHRAN, Dec. 02 (MNA) – Iranian vice president has entered Iraq’s Najaf to walk part of Najaf-Karbala route commemorating Arbaeen ceremony.

  • مراسم استقبال رسمی از نخست وزیر مجارستان 2015-11-30 16:29

    In a presser in Tehran;

    New chapter in Tehran-Budapest ties: Hungarian PM

    TEHRAN, Nov. 30 (MNA) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán deemed his talks with Iranian Vice-President the most productive in his work experience, saying new relations have been established on bilateral cooperation.

  • مراسم استقبال رسمی از نخست وزیر مجارستان 2015-11-30 16:22

    Iranian VP welcomes Hungarian PM in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Nov.30 (MNA) – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who arrived in Iran today morning for talks with senior officials of the country, was officially welcomed here in Saadabad Palace.

  • جهانگیری و نخست وزیر مجارستان 2015-11-30 15:03

    Iran, Hungary ink 8 coop. documents

    TEHRAN, Nov. 30 (MNA) – Islamic Republic of Iran and Hungary signed eight cooperation documents for widening and deepening of relations.

  • جهانگیری.jpg 2015-11-30 09:48

    VP Jahangiri congratulates new Polish PM

    TEHRAN, Nov. 30 (MNA) – Iranian Vice President Es’hagh Jahangiri congratulated Beata Szydło over her election as new Polish Prime Minister.

  • دیدار نخست وزیر الجزایر با معاون اول رئیس جمهور 2015-11-23 10:44

    By: Hossein Esmaili

    Algerian PM, Iran's 1st VP meet in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Nov. 23 (MNA) – Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, who is Iran to attend the the summit meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), met with Iran's First Vice President Es'hagh Jahangiri here on Monday.

  • دیدار معاون نخست وزیر روسیه با معاون اول رئیس جمهور 2015-11-19 20:04

    Paris attacks justify Iran, Russia concerns over terrorism

    TEHRAN, Nov. 19 (MNA) – Iranian Vice President Jahangiri met with visiting Russian Deputy PM Rogozin on Wednesday in Tehran.