• نشست آستانه 2017-09-15 16:19

    Astana Talks parties agree on Idlib zone borders

    TEHRAN, Sep. 15 (MNA) – The trilateral meeting of Iranian, Russian and Turkish delegations in Astana agreed that the seventh round of Astana Talks be held in late October 2017 in the Kazakh capital.

  • پرچم روسیه و آمریکا 2017-09-14 14:04

    Russian, US delegations hold talks on Syria

    TEHRAN, Sep. 14 (MNA) – Russia and the US are holding bilateral consultations on the sidelines of the Astana international meeting on Syria.

  • روحانی 2017-09-11 03:53

    Relations with Turkey in new phase: Pres. Rouhani

    TEHRAN, Sep. 11 (MNA) – Upon arrival to Tehran, President Rouhani told the media posing question on him that Iran-Turkey relations have entered into a new phase.

  • روحانی 2017-09-10 20:47

    President Rouhani leaves Astana for Tehran

    TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani of the Islamic Republic of Iran who traveled to Astana for attending the first OIC Summit on Science and Technology, left the Kazakh capital on Sunday.

  • روحانی 2017-09-10 15:59

    Iran, 'Uzbekistan's nearest path to Persian Gulf’  

    TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani met with Uzbek President Mirziyoyev in Astana of Kazakhstan saying that no barrier can obstruct the expansion of bilateral ties.

  • OIC 2017-09-10 11:34

    Rouhani at OIC Summit:

    Science, technology coop. forerunner for developments in different sectors

    TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – President Rouhani underlined the strategic political and social importance of promoting cooperation on science and technology, calling that a forerunner for developments in different sectors.

  • سفر روحانی به آمریکای لاتین 2017-09-09 12:14

    Pres. Rouhani to leave Iran for Kazakhstan on Sat.

    TEHRAN, Sep. 09 (MNA) – The first science and technology summit of OIC is slated to kick off in Kazakh capital city, Astana, at the level of heads of states, and President Rouhani will leave Tehran for Astana on Saturday.

  • جابری انصاری 2017-08-30 21:43

    Iran, Syria call for vigilance in war on terror

    TEHRAN, Aug. 30 (MNA) – Iranian Deputy FM Jaberi Ansari met with Syrian President Assad in Damascus on Wednesday and exchanged views on the latest developments in the region.

  • Astana meeting 2017-08-22 13:54

    Kazakh FM:

    6th Astana meeting on Syria delayed for mid-September

    ASTANA, Aug. 22 (MNA) – Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov on Tuesday announced that the 6th Astana meeting on Syria has been preliminary pushed back for mid-September.

  • کاراته- تیم ملی 2017-07-17 11:05

    Iran aces Asian Karate Championships

    TEHRAN, Jul. 17 (MNA) – Karate practitioners of Iran collected 42 medals to stand on top of the podium in all age categories of Asian Karate Championships in Kazakhstan.

  • کاراته- تیم های جوانان و نوجوانان 2017-07-14 14:57

    Iranian karate squad atop Astana games

    TEHRAN, Jul. 14 (MNA) – Garnering a total of 8 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 6 bronze medals, the Iranian national squad is the top scorer of the first days of the four-day Asian Karate Federation (AKF) Championships in Astana of Kazakhstan.

  • اجلاس شانگهای 2017-06-09 21:09

    HoSC of SCO kicks off in Astana

    TEHRAN, Jun. 09 (MNA) – In a busy one-day visit to Kazakh capital city of Astana, Iran’s FM Zarif met with his Russian, Chinese, Uzbek, and Kyrgyz counterparts as well as Afghan and Kazakh presidents.

  • اشرف غنی 2017-06-09 12:12

    Terrorists target symbolic places in Tehran: Ashraf Ghani

    TEHRAN, Jun. 09 (MNA) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani told Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that terrorists targeted symbolic places in Tehran, during a bilateral meeting in Kazakh capital city of Astana on Thursday.

  • محمد جواد ظریف وزیر خارجه ایران 2017-06-09 11:27

    Chinese FM condoles with Zarif over Wed. attack

    TEHRAN, Jun. 09 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi met in Kazakh capital city of Astana late on Thursday.

  • ورود محمد جواد ظریف وزیر امور خارجه به هاوانا 2017-06-08 15:54

    Zarif in Astana for Shanghai summit

    TEHRAN, Jun. 08 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has arrived in Kazakh capital to attend Shanghai summit and hold bilateral meetings with senior officials, FM spokesman said Thursday.

  • kazakh 2017-03-18 16:57

    Tehran, Astana mull over expanding ties

    TEHRAN, Mar. 18 (MNA) – Iranian and Kazakh deputy FMs, at a meeting in Astana, investigated venues for bolstering bilateral relations and exchanged views over regional and international issues.

  • گفتگو اختصاصی با جابری انصاری 2017-02-17 15:40

    Joint Committee’s document on Astana II ready: Jaberi-Ansari

    TEHRAN, Feb. 17 (MNA) – The head of Iran’s delegation to Astana, told the Iranian national broadcasting that the 2nd edition of Astana Talks, have resulted a final document outlining the agreement between all participants.

  • James George Jatras 2017-01-22 09:24

    Former US diplomat:

    Turkey more reliable than US for Syria talks

    TEHRAN, Jan. 22 (MNA) – Former US diplomat James Jatras in an interview with MNA said Moscow’s decision to replace Washington with Ankara for the upcoming Astana talks on Syria proves to be more promising for a positive result.  

  • جابری انصاری، سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه 2017-01-14 15:21

    Jaberi, Mekdad discuss Astana talks by phone

    TEHRAN, Jan. 14 (MNA) – Iranian Deputy FM Hossein Jaberi Ansari informed his Syrian counterpart Faisal Mekdad on the latest developments regarding the upcoming Astana meeting on Syrian situation by phone on Saturday.

  • iran, russia, turkey 2017-01-14 09:30

    Iran, Russia, Turkey discuss Astana meeting on Syria

    TEHRAN, Jan. 14 (MNA) – Deputy FMs of Iran, Russia and Turkey held a trilateral meeting in Moscow on Fri. discussing the arrangements for the upcoming Astana meeting on Syrian situation.

  • Bogdanov 2017-01-13 16:43

    Jaberi Ansari, Bogdanov confer on Astana Syrian talks

    TEHRAN, Jan. 13 (MNA) – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari and his Russian counterpart kicked off talks over the recent regional developments, in Moscow on Friday.

  • larijani 2017-01-02 09:38


    Astana meeting aims for political solution to Syrian crisis

    TEHRAN, Jan. 02, (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani deemed the upcoming Astana meeting on Syrian situation highly important, saying the meeting aims at achieving a political solution and sustainable peace in Syria.

  • ارمنستان 2016-12-21 23:05

    Rouhani departs Yerevan for Astana

    TEHRAN, Dec. 21 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has departed Yerevan for yet another destination this time in Central Asia, Kazakhstan.

  • ظریف 2016-07-13 15:45

    Zarif meets Kazakh counterpart in Astana

    ASTANA, Jul. 13 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held talks with his Kazakh counterpart Erlan Idrissov on Wed. in Astana.

  • zarif 2016-07-13 12:07


    Turki's participation at MKO gathering ‘impolitic’

    ASTANA, Jul. 13 (MNA) – Iran’s FM Zarif said participation of Saudi former spy chief Turki al-Faisal at the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) gathering in Paris shows the incompetence of such people who tie their future to terrorists.

  • zarif 2016-07-11 18:11

    Zarif to attend Caspian Sea Legal Regime meeting

    TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – Foreign Minister Javad Zarif will participate in meeting of Caspian Sea littoral countries’ foreign ministers in Kazakhstan which seeks to prepare legal regime of the Sea.

  • 20160701010609.jpg 2016-07-03 15:04

    Air Astana launches new Almaty-Tehran service

    ASTANA, Jul. 03 (MNA) – Air Astana, the award winning carrier from Kazakhstan, launches a new non-stop flight from Almaty to Tehran today.

  • 20160530112014.jpg 2016-05-30 12:03

    Astana to host intl. conference on ‘Religions against Terrorism’

    ASTANA, May 30 (MNA) – Astana will host an international conference on "Religions against Terrorism" with the participation of parliamentarians from different countries and representatives of various religious confessions.