National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)



  • LNG SHIP 2016-01-20 15:25

    Iran has no plans to tender LNG projects

    TEHRAN, Jan. 20 (MNA) – NIGEC managing director has rejected the false claim of a British media emphasizing that Iran has no intention to put out to tender LNG production ventures.

  • shell 2016-01-16 13:46

    Shell, Total representatives arrive in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Jan. 16 (MNA) – Representatives of several world’s oil giants have traveled to Iran on the verge of the removal of international sanctions.

  • پالایشگاه نفت 2016-01-10 13:41

    Iran to double oil exports to Japan

    TEHRAN, Jan. 10 (MNA) – It has been estimated that oil exports to Japan will increase twofold once the international sanctions are nullified.

  • TANKER 2016-01-06 11:15

    Iranian tankers ready for post-sanction era

    TEHRAN, Jan. 06 (MNA) – An NIOC official has announced that the country’s crude oil will be deployed to the market by Iranian tankers upon the removal of sanctions.

  • Georgia 2016-01-04 15:41

    Georgia joins Iranian gas costumers

    TEHRAN, Jan. 04 (MNA) – NIGEC managing director has announced the preliminary agreement with Georgia on gas exports.

  • shell 2016-01-04 11:43

    NIOC, Shell reach final agreement on debt settlement

    TEHRAN, Jan. 04 (MNA) – Iran’s NIOC and Anglo-Dutch Shell have reached the final agreement on how to settle the outstanding 2.3-billion-dollar debt.

  • oil 2016-01-03 16:08

    Iran sets prerequisites for signing contracts with oil giants

    TEHRAN, Jan. 03 (MNA) – Iran’s deputy oil minister has announced five prerequisites for putting international companies in charge of developing oil and gas fields.

  • نفت گاز 2016-01-02 14:16

    Oil production soars in various operational areas

    TEHRAN, Jan. 02 (MNA) – In time with the countdown for the lifting of oil sanctions, MOGPS has announced an increase in oil production in various operational areas of oil industry.

  • دکل حفاری 2015-12-30 18:37

    Oil drilling rises despite falling oil prices

    TEHRAN, Dec. 30 (MNA) – A total of 136 new oil wells with a length of more than 268 thousand meters in sum have been drilled or repaired during the first 3 quarters of current Iranian year, said NIDC deputy head.

  • US Oil 2015-12-26 09:47

    Deputy oil min.:

    US oil exports not to spoil Iran

    TEHRAN, Dec. 26 (MNA) – Deputy oil minister has assured that US’s oil exports to the market would not harm Iran emphasizing that NIOC is not seeking to sell oil at a discount.

  • oil 2015-12-19 20:31

    Worth of Iranian oil reserves to rise by $30bn

    TEHRAN, Dec. 19 (MNA) – The scenario to increase the recovery factor of Soroush oilfield by 10 per cent is on the verge of implementation and will add 30 billion dollars to the worth of oil reserves in the Persian Gulf.

  • oil 2015-12-15 10:41

    Gas condensate export surges

    TEHRAN, Dec. 15 (MNA) – Deputy oil minister announced a 50 per cent increase in the export of gas condensate since the beginning of the current Iranian year.

  • iran-france 2015-12-13 10:05

    Iran, France to build 1st FLNG unit in Persian Gulf

    TEHRAN, Dec. 13 (MNA) – Deputy oil minister has announced reaching the final agreement with a French company on creating the first FLNG unit in the Persian Gulf.

  • oli shipment 2015-12-01 09:36

    Italy’s SACE to insure Iran's oil shipments to Europe

    TEHRAN, Dec. 01 (MNA) – Deputy oil minister has reported on the return of SACE as Italy’s largest insurance company which is ready to offer unlimited insurance coverage in Iran.

  • نفت ایران هند 2015-11-17 15:50

    Iran, India begin oil negotiations

    TEHRAN, Nov. 17 (MNA) – Iran's deputy oil minister said that negotiations are conducted for purchasing a part of stakes in Essar Oil refinery in India.

  • پالایشگاه نفت 2015-11-15 19:18

    Iran’s oil reserves ups 1bn barrels

    TEHRAN, Nov. 15 (MNA) – New discoveries have indicated that Iran’s hydrocarbon reserves are 1bn barrels higher than what had been estimated before.

  • رکن الدین جوادی معاون وزیر نفت ایران 2015-11-15 13:42

    Sri Lanka likely to join Iranian oil customers

    TEHRAN, Nov. 15 (MNA) – Referring to the launch of new talks with Sri Lanka to resume oil exports, deputy oil minister expressed Iran’s readiness to resume oil sales to the Asian country during post sanction era.

  • oil 2015-11-15 11:40

    Iran disavows reopening of NIOC’s office in Bolivia

    TEHRAN, Nov. 15 (MNA) – Referring to Iran’s readiness to conduct oil talks with South American countries, deputy oil minister disavowed plans to re-open NIOC’s office in Bolivia.

  • jask 2015-11-11 13:31

    Jask oil terminal to shorten tankers’ trip

    TEHRAN, Nov. 11 (MNA) – Describing the new program to reduce commute of Iranian oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, managing director of NIOEC said construction of Jask oil terminal is to shorten the tanker’s journey.

  • oil 2015-11-10 23:36

    Shell, Total likely to buy Iranian crude

    TEHRAN, Nov. 10 (MNA) – Deputy oil minister has announced negotiations with Shell and Total oil companies to resume Iran’s oil sales during the post-sanction era.

  • زمانی نیا نفت گاز 2015-11-09 13:50

    Deputy oil min.:

    Oil sanctions removal likely by late December

    TEHRAN, Nov. 09 (MNA) – Estimating the time of oil sanctions removal to be late Dec., deputy oil minister expressed Iran’s readiness to deploy 500 thousand oil barrels to the market on the eve of the new Christian year.

  • oil-gas 2015-11-03 12:25

    Malaysia ready to resume oil imports from Iran

    TEHRAN, Nov. 03 (MNA) – A representative of Malaysia’s Petronas Oil and Gas Company has announced readiness to resume daily import of 50 to 60 thousand barrels of oil from Iran upon the removal of sanctions.

  • جوادی نفت 2015-10-31 12:00

    Deputy oil minister:

    Iran not concerned on selling oil after removal of sanctions

    TEHRAN, Oct. 31 (MNA) – Deputy oil minister has said Iran has no concerns about selling 500 thousand oil barrels a day during the post sanction era estimating that oil prices will hit more than $70 per barrel.

  • Oil and Gas 2015-10-25 14:39

    France, Russia join Iran’s oil costumers

    TEHRAN, Oct. 25 (MNA) – Referring to resumption of talks with France’s Total and Russia’s Lukoil, NIOC official has announced the preliminary agreement to sell oil to these two giant companies.

  • ایران فرانسه 2015-10-22 15:01

    Tehran, Paris launch oil deals

    TEHRAN, Oct. 22 (MNA) – Tehran and Paris oil and petrochemical deals have resumed officially.

  • oil 2015-10-21 14:21

    Iran seeking 10% share of Japan's oil market

    TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) – Pointing to Japanese refineries tendency to increase oil imports from Iran, executive director for international affairs at NIOC said Iran is seeking 10 percent of Japan’s oil market.

  • total 2015-10-20 10:27

    Total fully ready to return to Iran's oil industry

    TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) – A senior official of the French oil giant Total has announced the firm’s readiness to return to Iran’s oil industry and to provide the required finance and technology.

  • oil 2015-10-14 15:32

    Tehran, Jakarta to begin oil talks

    TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – Executive director for international affairs at NIOC has announced Iran’s readiness to sell crude oil to Indonesia and said we would review any proposal on the part of Indonesian authorities.

  • Kharg oil termnal 2015-10-14 12:04

    Persian Gulf largest oil terminal gets ready for post-sanctions era

    TEHRAN, Oct. 14 (MNA) – In time with the completion of the overhaul of underground pipelines at Kharg Oil Terminal, the largest terminal in the Persian Gulf has become ready for increased oil production and export by the removal of sanctions.

  • shell 2015-10-03 14:40

    Shell delegation arrives in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Oct. 3 (MNA) – A number of senior executives of the Anglo-Dutch Shell Oil Company have travelled to Iran to meet and talk with the officials at the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).