Iran holds very high profile in tooth implanting

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TEHRAN, Feb. 21 (MNA) – Scientific secretary of the 1st International Tooth Implantology Conference (ITIC) has announced Iran can compete with the EU and US in the field of tooth implanting.

Scientific Secretary of the 1st International Tooth Implantology Conference (ITIC) Dr. Rouhollah Nowrouzi stated that Iran holds a very high profile in latest implanting techniques used in the world which makes it competitive with the Europe, the US and other developed countries in this field, IRNA reported.

Being the first Asian country mastering in tooth implanting technique, Iran's today status in tooth implanting is quite satisfactory in the world, Nowrouzi said.

Due to the satisfying development of the tooth implant techniques in Iran and achieving eye catching successes in the field, the International Implantology Committee (IIM) selected Iran as the head of that international scientific group for the year 2016.




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