TEHRAN, June 10 (MNA) – Tehran Science and Technology Park researchers have developed 5 technological products unveiled today.

Researchers in No Takfar Co., a TUSTP-affiliated company had developed topical ointment Bizalen and Kalik syrup, which were unveiled today. The 30-gram Bizalen topical ointment incorporates in itself the active ingredients of ginger rhizome, which had long been used as herbal remedy and it is still used in modern herbal medicine. The ointment is analgesic and prescribed for joints and muscles inflammations and rheumatic pains, arthritis, herniated disc, neck and muscle soreness after heavy work-related activities.

Kalik syrup incorporates active ingredients of licorice root, thyme and anise. This herbal remedy is used for treating sore throat, pharyngitis, bronchitis, fever, flu, cough and cold symptoms.

The ceremony also unveiled a new firmware developed by Pendar Koushk Iman, TUSTP. The firmware, called ‘Dastineh,’ (Old Persian for ‘signature’) is used to equip systems with public key infrastructure services, to interact with electronic certificates, digital signatures, encryption, and other similar applications.  

It requires no specific setting to communicate with different tokens and smart cards and help decrypt. It also supports key storage such as software token.

Biometric smart card is the fourth developed product unveiled today. The smart card incorporates in itself iris, fingerprint and facial gestures for accurate and fast identification in a completely indigenous setting.

Smart cards have memory and a CPU which could execute instructions inside the card. It rules out the need for a database access for identification machines, but bio-metric and personal info is read on smart card and compared to the info of the individual holding the card. Furthermore, it would be of no use in case when found by anyone other than the card holder. The card has wide applications in airport check-ins, border controls, bio-metric passports, smart national ID cards, driver license, electronic health insurance, and security ID cards in large organizations.

It provides a mobile version as the fifth product unveiled today.


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