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  • Russia 2017-07-26 08:46

    Crossing the Red Line

    TEHRAN, Jul. 26 (MNA) – US intention to impose further sanctions against Russia is expected to evoke a harsh response from the EU.

  • migration 2017-07-18 11:43

    By: Jean-Michel Renault

    European immigration

    TEHRAN, Jul. 18 (MNA) – Migration from war-stricken and poverty-hit countries of Africa and Middle East has ended up with death for a large number of migrants.

  • USA 2017-07-11 22:06

    Stubborn Perseverance!

    TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – Seems as though it’s time to admit, after 16 years, that the US operation in Afghanistan is not as successful as was expected.

  • TRUMP 2017-07-10 19:07

    Trump & media!

    TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – US President Donald Trump has escalated his war on the mainstream media in recent days with raging tweetstorms and public remarks that veer off message.

  • Trump 2017-07-04 22:33

    Democrats Interrupted!

    TEHRAN, Jul. 04 (MNA) – A group of Democrats in the US House of Representatives has doubts about Trump's mental health, so they decided to invoke the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution, which allows for the removal of US President Donald Trump from office due to mental incapacity.

  • USA-Syria 2017-07-01 20:05

    Wag the WMD!

    TEHRAN, Jul. 01 (MNA) – Eager to make use of the latest US threats against Damascus, Syrian terrorist groups are apparently preparing to stage a major provocation using chemical weapons so that the US-led coalition will finally get their excuse for a full-scale invasion of the country.

  • White House 2017-06-28 19:41

    Bloody track record!

    TEHRAN, Jun. 28 (MNA) – On Tuesday, the press service of the White House issued a statement claiming that Syrian President Bashar Assad is preparing a new chemical attack, and promising that if it is implemented, the Syrian authorities will "pay a heavy price."

  • London 2017-06-19 19:35

    By: Osama Hajjaj

    Here is London!

    TEHRAN, Jun. 19 (MNA) – London has been target of terrorist attacks in last two months, three of which were operated by cars ramming into people on streets.

  • Russia 2017-06-18 22:00

    Boomerang Effect!

    TEHRAN, Jun. 18 (MNA) – It seems that in their zeal to slap Russia with more sanctions, US lawmakers didn't bother to check how their previous anti-Russian punitive measures had worked out. Lucky for them, Russian President Vladimir Putin himself helped clarify the matter.

  • Qatar-US 2017-06-17 18:46

    Box of tricks!

    TEHRAN, Jun. 17 (MNA) – It looks like magic and nobody knows what else Uncle Sam has in his pocket: the US claims Qatar supports terrorists and at the same time sells fighter jets to Doha.

  • USA 2017-06-14 20:34

    (Not the) A-Team !

    TEHRAN, Jun. 14 (MNA) – James Mattis said in a written statement to the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee released on Monday that he is "shocked" by the low level of the US military's readiness.

  • Brexit 2017-06-13 20:20

    By: Li Min

    Brexit or not!

    TEHRAN, Jun. 13 (MNA) – Brexit talks with EU 'will be delayed by a year' due to Theresa May's negotiating stance.

  • earth 2017-06-12 18:54

    By: Jose Neves

    Trump changes global climate

    TEHRAN, Jun. 12 (MNA) – Trump's decision on withdrawing from Paris Climate Pact would lead to severe environmental problems all around the world.

  • UK 2017-06-11 23:29

    Deep Waters !

    TEHRAN, Jun. 11 (MNA) – The UK snap general election, initiated by Prime Minister Theresa May to overcome divisions in the parliament and succeed in the negotiations with the European Union on Brexit, ended up with a so-called hung parliament, when no party holds an absolute majority.

  • world 2017-06-10 21:10

    Some peace?

    TEHRAN, Jun. 10 (MNA) – The world is burning in flames of terrorism and conflict in dire need of peace and stability.

  • Qatar 2017-06-06 15:56

    Saudi-led ambush!

    TEHRAN, Jun. 06 (MNA) – A host of Arab and Muslim countries led by Saudi Arabia have unexpectedly cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar on Monday, accusing Doha of supporting terrorism and engaging in efforts to destabilize the region.

  • trump 2017-06-03 20:09

    Trumping the Climate!

    TEHRAN, Jun. 03 (MNA) – US President Trump announced that his country would end its membership in the Paris climate deal signed in 2015, adding that Washington is ready to renegotiate the accord in order for it to be more beneficial to the United States.

  • USA 2017-05-31 18:05

    Spend like sailor on shore leave!

    TEHRAN, May 31 (MNA) – The new US defense budget proposes a modest increase in military spending despite criticism.

  • Trump 2017-05-30 22:15

    By : Marian Kamensky

    Hurricane Donald in Europe!

    TEHRAN, May 30 (MNA) – US president Donald Trump’s first visit to Europe was a catastrophe for US-Europe Relations.

  •  Pope Francis & Trump 2017-05-27 23:15

    Trump meets critic Pope Francis at Vatican

    TEHRAN, May 27 (MNA) – Pope Francis has welcomed US President Donald Trump at the Vatican, in a meeting that comes against a backdrop of disagreements on a range of issues, including immigration, climate change and refugee policy.

  • US-Saudi 2017-05-24 20:57

    By: Joep Bertrams

    US-Saudi relations in Trump era!

    TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – The US and Saudi Arabia signed arms deals worth almost $110bn on Saturday, the first day of President Donald Trump's visit to the traditional US ally.

  • US-S Arabia 2017-05-23 17:09

    By: Sabir Nazar

    Trump in Saudi Arabia!

    TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – US President Donald Trump paid a visit to Saudi Arabia during which a very close relationship was displayed despite all anti-Saudi remarks Trump has made during election campaign.