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  • Trump 2017-10-10 16:00

    Source: Sputnik

    What a moron!

    TEHRAN, Oct. 10 (MNA) – An NBC News report earlier this month said US Secretary of State Tillerson had called Trump a "moron". Following that, President Trump in a Tue. interview offered to compare IQ tests with Rex Tillerson, adding "and I can tell you who is going to win."

  • trump 2017-10-04 15:55

    By: Podviski

    Keeping Twitter on a short leash

    TEHRAN, Oct. 04 (MNA) – Despite Twitter's policy to remove violent and threatening messages, the popular social network decided not to delete US President Trump's post in which he threatened the existence of North Korea by tweeting "Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man [Kim Jong-un], they won't be around much longer!"

  • Trump 2017-09-26 16:04

    By: Andy Marlette

    Who's the real Rocket Man?

    TEHRAN, Sep. 26 (MNA) – In his UN speech on Tue., US President Trump called North Korea's Leader a "Rocket Man" despite the fact that US was the first country to have developed and tested nuclear weapons and currently owns the second biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. North Korean FM has accused Trump of declaring war on his country by tweeting over the weekend that North Korea "won't be around much longer."

  • US ISIL 2017-09-10 14:48

    By: Podviski

    Taking them out

    TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – Sources says the US Air Force has evacuated more than 20 ISIL field commanders from the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor during heliborne operations.

  • us-russia ties 2017-09-05 09:31

    By: Podviski

    Tied up in a bow

    TEHRAN, Sep. 05 (MNA) – US-Russia diplomatic ties have hit a new low following Washington's decision to close down three Russian properties and search the premises of the Russian Trade Representation in the US capital.

  • us diplomacy 2017-09-04 17:38

    By: Podviski

    How to make friends, the American way

    TEHRAN, Sep. 04 (MNA) – The US has a funny way of maintaining diplomatic ties and easing tensions. In addition to the ever present sanctions regime, the current US president Donald Trump has his own special way to provoke state leaders through his controversial tweets and temper tantrums.

  • N deal 2017-09-02 13:57

    By: Podviski

    That escalated quickly!

    TEHRAN, Sep. 02 (MNA) – Disheartened by US continued lack of commitment to nuclear deal and its threat to withdraw, Iran has stated that it will implement the deal as long as it does not undermine its national interests, but by no means will Tehran take the first step to kill the deal. Western media, however, have always had a different take on the news that would serve their own purposes instead of the truth.

  • npt 2017-08-28 16:24

    By: Paresh Nath

    World without nuclear weapons: a dream?

    TEHRAN, Aug. 28 (MNA) – For the first time in the seven-decade effort to avert a nuclear war, the UN formally adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in July. However, the current estimated number of nuclear weapons in the world is over 15000, a situation made even more threatening by US promotion of an arms race.

  • US war in afghanistan 2017-08-26 13:22

    By: Dave Granlund

    Out of one war tunnel into another

    TEHRAN, Aug. 26 (MNA) – President Donald Trump’s approval to extend American presence in Afghanistan and deploy thousands of more troops there was met with frustration from Republican and Democrat legislators alike. The 16-year-old war was launched in 2001 by George W. Bush after 9/11, costing up to $1 trillion and causing thousands casualties.

  • Russia 2017-07-26 08:46

    Crossing the Red Line

    TEHRAN, Jul. 26 (MNA) – US intention to impose further sanctions against Russia is expected to evoke a harsh response from the EU.

  • migration 2017-07-18 11:43

    By: Jean-Michel Renault

    European immigration

    TEHRAN, Jul. 18 (MNA) – Migration from war-stricken and poverty-hit countries of Africa and Middle East has ended up with death for a large number of migrants.

  • USA 2017-07-11 22:06

    Stubborn Perseverance!

    TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – Seems as though it’s time to admit, after 16 years, that the US operation in Afghanistan is not as successful as was expected.

  • TRUMP 2017-07-10 19:07

    Trump & media!

    TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – US President Donald Trump has escalated his war on the mainstream media in recent days with raging tweetstorms and public remarks that veer off message.

  • Trump 2017-07-04 22:33

    Democrats Interrupted!

    TEHRAN, Jul. 04 (MNA) – A group of Democrats in the US House of Representatives has doubts about Trump's mental health, so they decided to invoke the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution, which allows for the removal of US President Donald Trump from office due to mental incapacity.

  • USA-Syria 2017-07-01 20:05

    Wag the WMD!

    TEHRAN, Jul. 01 (MNA) – Eager to make use of the latest US threats against Damascus, Syrian terrorist groups are apparently preparing to stage a major provocation using chemical weapons so that the US-led coalition will finally get their excuse for a full-scale invasion of the country.

  • White House 2017-06-28 19:41

    Bloody track record!

    TEHRAN, Jun. 28 (MNA) – On Tuesday, the press service of the White House issued a statement claiming that Syrian President Bashar Assad is preparing a new chemical attack, and promising that if it is implemented, the Syrian authorities will "pay a heavy price."